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Friday, December 12, 2014

Jamaailday Gift #12 + New Adventure - Jamaailday Rescue Tour & Info + Daily Explorer

Hi jammers! The daily advent today is a diamond (for members) and a snowflake balloon in assorted colors for all jammers!

Have you all checked out the new adventure, Jamaailday Rescue? It is basically the same as Twists and Turns, except Jamaailday-themed, harder, larger and with better prizes (at least in my opinion).
Here are some pictures from the adventure!




Isn't this adventure paw-some? 
AJHQ published a new post on The Daily Explorer! It is about how membership gift cards are a great holiday present! Have you noticed how jittery AJHQ's posts have been lately? Lots of "!!!" and "???" or "!?!?!". Also, they have begun to make more posts on memberships and what "great" and "stunning" featured you get with them, and many more things that are trying to get you to buy a membership, like their post on How to Purchase an Animal Jam Membership! I mean... we all know how to buy an Animal Jam membership! ^.^ Even though the posts are kind of so-so lately, they have included fantastic artwork! And today's post was no exception! Check out this adorable picture! And, yes, that is an adorable, insanely cute, out-of-this-world-awesome, baby polar bear!

And AJHQ invented a new word in their post today- Snow-tastic! XD
For those of you who have a Seasonal Tree, it changed again today! Check out the cute ornaments and candy strung on this snow-covered tree!

Today's member diamond let me buy the Gingerbread House den! Yay- I am so happy!!!!!! (Oops- that sounded like AJHQ with the "!!!" XD) I have decorated it with every single Jamaailday item I own! Tell me what you think!

(Click to enlarge)

My favorite part about the Gingerbread House den is the chocolate pool! I love to hop around in the delicious chocolate and get all "muddy" with my favorite food! ^.^ Much like the mud in Appondale! And the swirly candy pathway is also a sight to behold! Plus the gumdrop roofs... Okay I am getting carried away here. XD
Have you checked out the movement I just made? It is called the Happy Movement! Our goal is to organize fun parties and activities and events for jammers to come and meet new buds, as well as to make sure every jammer is happy- by stepping in when bullying occurs and by just being kind! You can join by commenting on the post, or you can enter on actual page by clicking here! If you join, you can put up this banner on the footer or sidebar of your own blog to spread the word if you like!

Whew- that was a long post! ^.^ I hope you read all of it... XD 
Bye jammers! I will try to post yesterday and today's Jamaailday advent gift graphics on the page, as well as update the Contest page! Check back soon!

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