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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Jamaailday Gift #27 + Graphic + New Item + TWO TV'S? + Jamaailday Rescue Den Tips!

Hi jammers! The daily advent gift was back to normal today- I wonder if it really was a glitch yesterday. Today's advent is a (member) diamond and a poofy monster rug.

When I first saw this item, it looked pretty weird! XD But in your den, it is like a huge fluffy pillow! I love it! Weird how the monster face vanishes in your inventory and in your den...

The graphic of the gift is white background- if anyone has time to make it transparent, that would be greatly appreciated! ^.^
by awesomepanda868 (no credit needed)

The new item is the snow fort wall, except this time it is a corner piece of it.

These walls are a little pricy, but you can use them for lots of things, like snowball fights! Look later in the post for another idea for these walls!

I was playing Jamaailday Rescue yesterday, and I got two Ice Televisions! Now I can have double the "fun" with them! ^.^

I get to stare at this boring screen twice at once now! Whoo-hoo! :does victory dance:

I can warm my paws extra fast now! XD

I get to watch this very disturbing soap cartoon twice at once... icky...

My buddy Lovely1147046 and I were playing the Jamaailday Rescue adventure this morning, and she realized that you can make the entire Jamaailday rescue adventure in your den with the snow fort blocks! ^.^

Isn't that a cool idea? If you do succeed in making an ice maze with the snow fort blocks, be sure to send us a picture! ^.^ 
Okay jammers- I have to judge Carrot04 and Penguin55544's The Voice now! ^.^ You can come and watch on Animal Jam if you'd like! Bye jammers!


  1. It's really annoying that AJ is often glitches items! Yesterday was the ice cave, now this. I'm really sad that yeti left :(

    That soap cartoon is hilarious! XD
    And the idea about the maze den is awesome :)


    1. I know- AJ is having issues with the daily advents I guess... I know, as much as the yeti creeped me out at first, now I kind of wish it could be on the pillow...
      Yes, the soap thing is very... odd. XD
      I know- if I had enough gems, I would try it out! :proudly presents one gem: XD Just kidding- I have 2,700 gems, but not enough to buy that many snow fort walls...

    2. I have 40,00 gems =. If the walls were non member and non member dens had enough space, I could DRFINETLY build it!

    3. That is a lot of gems! Too bad the walls are for members only... :glares at AJHQ:


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