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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Seasonal Graphics

Hi jammers! I wanted to tell you guys more about the Seasonal Graphics page!
Okay- here we go!

1. You can access the Seasonal Graphics page by clicking the purple octopus graphic on the left sidebar of this blog! It should be the top item on that sidebar. You can also view the Seasonal Graphics page by clicking here!
2. Each month, the theme of the page is changed based on what is going on that month! For example, in October, the theme might have to do with fall. In December or January, the theme might be winter, Jamaaildays or snow. In April, it might be rain, May maybe spring, flowers and nature, and July, summer.
3. Jammers can submit graphics anytime to the AJGC, but the Seasonal Graphics page is for graphics that correspond to that season! It is cleared out at the end of each month of that season's graphics and replaced with a new theme and new graphics. You can send in graphics specifically for the Seasonal Graphics page, or you can send them in normally, and if we decide it fits into the theme, it will be placed on the page.
4. All graphics on the Seasonal Graphics page have the same policy as the others- credit must be given if the graphic says "by ....."underneath it.
5. We have special events on this page for each season sometimes, here are some of them:

  • Jamaaildays- Graphics and record of each and every advent gift
  • Fall- Graphics of Night of the Phantoms costumes on jammers that were submitted/come up with
  • Spring- Graphics of every flower/plant to come into shops in Jamaa
  • Summer- Graphics of every Jam-a-Gram sticker you can add to Jam-a-Grams plus any new summer-themed items that have come to parties, as well as graphics of each of the different flavored smoothies

You can stop by this page any time to get the full benefit of this page all year round with the different themes and events!
I hope you will be viewing and commenting soon!

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