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Friday, September 23, 2016

Sorry about the long absence!

Hey jammers! Panda here!

I know it's been ages since I last posted on here (over a month, I believe?), and I've truly missed all of you guys. I have tons of comments to go through and respond to, which I'm looking forward to! :D I'm so grateful that you guys stuck by the blog, even when there wasn't a ton of new content being posted, you still commented and viewed. Y'all are really the best, haha! :)

Unfortunately, I can't say that another absence like this one won't occur again. I'm in a lot of accelerated/advanced classes this year, and the workload is pretty crazy. Since these grades do "count" towards my college and such, I don't want to sacrifice my grades for blogging--even though blogging has and always will be my passion. I'm sorry if that sounds super lame and like a pretty bad excuse, but I really do care about doing well in school, and I just can't have both an active blog and the grades I'd like to get.

On a much happier note... I was featured in Julian2's video the other day! :internally dies: I feel like my purpose in life has now been achieved, haha! :P Seriously, though--like what did I ever do to be so fortunate? Nonetheless, I'm super happy that I got to be featured in his 10 Animal Jam Edits video, and it was a total shock to see my name mentioned alongside darkdog13's and other famous AJ editors. #lifegoals Also, thanks to Cosmic and Swirlshine for letting me know about this!

Oh! I nearly forgot! The September edition of Graham's Gazette will be coming out before the month is over (well... duh, Panda!) and it's super info-packed--I bet you guys will like it.

So yeah... I'd better get going, but I hope this post cleared some things up. I'll be adding some new authors to the blog as well soon, so I hope you will give them a warm welcome when they post!

Have a lovely day! I hope to see you all again soon!



  1. I hope to see you soon, and good luck in school, Panda!! :D

  2. Im in advanced classes too! Best of luck xx

    1. Agh, advanced classes are both a blessing and a curse, right? Haha! :P

  3. Me being homeschooled, I'm not in any advanced classes, but good luck! I know several friends who are and they say it's rough. Also, I'll have to check out Julian's video!

  4. Swirlshine..? You mean Princessbg..? I'm also in advanced class, I'm working on making a Utopian city, which basically means I can create the buildings, recreation, education, and make the laws. It's super fun!

    1. I saw Swirlshine's comment on the last post..

    2. I was mentally screaming when I saw your name there, Panda. XD

    3. @PrincessBG: That sounds like a super fun class! :O
      @swirlshine: I was mentally dying! XD But yes, I was also mentally screaming. :P


  6. Hey, Awesomepanda! Good to have you back. ;D

    I just wanted to let you know that I added you into my story, Jamaasian High. ^.^


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