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Thursday, September 29, 2016


Today we have an awesome update. I love The Night Of The Phantoms! There was so much added to the game today and it rocks. I'm really excited to discuss this with you. If you haven't logged onto Animal Jam today, DO IT NOW! Jamaa is totally decked out with amazing Halloween decor and you'll love it! Below you can see a gif displaying the various articles included in today's new Jamaa Journal! As you can see, AJHQ was barely able to pack all of the new stuff into each of the pages!

Alright, let's get started! First of all, YOU CAN NOW BUY PHANTOMS AS YOUR PETS! For 3 diamonds you can purchase them at the Diamond Shop. They come in many variations and actually are...well...cute! One thing about them isn't cute though...usually their favorite food is laughter, happiness, etc. Everything good about the world.
but whatever hehehehehe

Second of all, the Epic Haunted Manor is now available for purchase! Make sure to pick up with huge, amazing den which fits perfectly for an awesome Halloween or Night of the Phantoms theme! And if you don't feel like celebrating such a spooky holiday, go ahead and visit the Haunted Forest Party! It's sure to give you the can become transparent!
Plus, there are amazing shops there where you can buy yourself the perfect costume to celebrate, along with some den items that would be great for decorating the Epic Haunted Manor den. To add on, World Animal Day is approaching fast (October 4th) and (sniff) snow leopards are leaving stores soon! But don't worry, with their depart comes the return of polar bears!

And if you thought this update couldn't get any more awesome, some more beloved things besides like everything I mentioned earlier besides the Phantoms (lol) have returned! That includes the pet Adventure, Bitter Sweets (and yes, you can play as a pet Phantom. The cruel reality of our world...) the Phantom Vortex and everyone's favorite little candy bowls scattered around Jamaa! Give 'em a click and you will receive a random virtual piece of candy! 
Oh, and by the way, now every land Adventure can be found in the Adventure Base Camp! This includes the Hidden Falls and the Front Lines are located there, right around where you find the Search for Greely. 
Below it if you're a flying animal you'll get a pretty decent view of a corrupted forest...eek.

Corrupted forests aside, the game icons have also gotten a little makeover and I believe you can now have more than 2 players per game. There wasn't much clarification but I'm hoping that's the case!
And last but certainly not least, there are now tons more names for your animal! THIS INCLUDES KAWAII. I REPEAT, THIS INCLUDES KAWAII. There are now 2.5 million name combinations in the game. By the way, I pretty much made the best AJ name ever.
So that pretty much wraps up this post! I'll see you guys soon, make sure to comment below your thoughts and opinions on this post. Thanks for tuning in, and make sure to come back for more!
Signing off,


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