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Monday, September 12, 2016

Creative Corner: Week #1

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Before I commence this post, I'd like to acknowledge 9/11, a tragic event that occurred in 2001 one on September 11th and share condolences with families who lost loved ones to the disaster. (sorry for being late)

On a much brighter note, I've decided to feature an art gallery or creative den each week on the AJGC! In case you haven't noticed, the blog has been a little inactive lately due to school starting, but, you'll definitely still be seeing posts!

Anyway, this week I'll be featuring...Nymphaeaalba's den! This amazing Animal Jam art gallery features tons of beautiful Masterpieces. You'll definitely want to check it out! I'll be showing you 5 of the best Masterpieces. There are a ton more I think are equally gorgeous, but I want to make this a semi-short post. She has one room featuring all of her own artwork (she specializes in fairytale-like drawings) and some are scattered through out the den.

This first Masterpiece by redwing displays a beautiful phoenix, a mythical fire bird creature which you may know from Harry Potter. It is packed with tons of details and the lighting is just...well...amazing!
This second painting by 
xXAuroraSkyXx is amazing and wonderfully detailed. The roses look like a picture and the soothing green colors of the vibrant leaves goes very well with the sunset pink of the roses.
This next Masterpiece, made by midnightshadowcat is of a snow leopard. The position and expression of the snow leopard are so clear. You feel like the snow leopard is right next to you! And the bright green hue of the eyes adds an awesome pop of color.
This spike Masterpiece...or should I say Masterpieces is not the most well drawn or detailed in the entire den although they are quite beautiful. I didn't chose this one for quality, but creativity. The way they lined up the different parts of the spikes is amazing and very precise.
This last Masterpiece by windycityblues is only one of his/her many Masterpieces of a classic/famous painting. She has one of a ballerina (I forget the painting's name), one of Starry Night and this one by Mona Lisa. She likely has more classical paintings. Make sure to check them out!
Tune in next week for another epic den! This one starts with a 't' and ends with an 'a'. It's filled with unique items like den betas and plaques!

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  1. Wow, I wish I had artist abilities XD

  2. Those are some amazing masterpieces! Nice post.

  3. Wow these are such amazing pieces of art! Love this new series! I would be happy to help out with this if you need it,

  4. Hello umm, Im having a problem with my blog in which I can't add gadgets and can only drag them. I seriously need to fix that but, I joined late. Is there any way u can help me?

  5. I haven't posted on my blog cause im looking for cool stuff I made a new banner today and im working on more. I really feel like doing commissions, but I don't know why I cant. Any help???????????? Thx for all tips I really like them.

    Question: I remember a post of the heart braclet in which you can show different colors of the items. Any ideas??

    Thx so much <_>

  6. and how do u add time if its not secret

  7. My blog is having weird problems, can u help me fix them:
    First I ruined my HTML BOX.
    second: I can't apply stuff anymore and I need to customize :(
    I don't know what I did and what am I going to do

    Any help??????????????????

  8. Some ppl have amazing talent to draw!

  9. amazing talent, I wish I had artist abilities. Godbless

  10. Hey Jammers! looking for a great Blog? Why not look up, The "Teens guide to Animal Jam!"
    This blog has RIM post, MOVIE REVIEW post, and more!
    check it out!
    *King Tough Bunny

  11. GUYS! GUYS!! GUYS!!!!!!!

    GUESS WHAT!!!!???

    You know the edit that Panda created, the plushie log one?



    1. Yeah, I saw, but he noticed it from her IG page probably :)
      Congrats Panda!!

  12. Great paintings, I love it all specially the eagle one.!

  13. Thanks for sharing this wonderful idea. It will helps me alot


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