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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Pet Commissions!

Hey jammers! Ineffable here.
The new pet trading feature has brought jammers a lot of joy, and I've decided now to do pet commissions! Say you don't have enough gems, or diamonds, or want a promo pet like a meerkat. There are only a few pets I cannot buy, like turkeys but I'm working on trading for some. If you want a pet elephant you will have to wait until I get 2 more diamonds, then I'll be able to get some for gems.

The prices are simple. (By the way, I CANNOT do pet commissions for pets from Animal Jam toys)
-Non-diamond pet: 1 Rare Item Monday
Add accessories: Any item worth about 500 gems.
-Diamond pet: 2 Rare Item Mondays or one small den beta
Add accessories: Any item worth about 500 gems.

Why am I doing pet commissions, you may ask? I want to gather some items to either trade up for a bigger item to give away or just get a ton of smaller stuff to give away.

Comment below your orders, following this form:

Pet type:
Top color:
Lower color/secondary color:
Eye shape:
Any other adjustments:

Thank you!
Signing off,

1 comment:

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