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Thursday, September 8, 2016

`*Animal Jam Social Media Tips*`

Hey jammers! Sorry for taking a sudden week long break...I've just been really busy. Sorry for not announcing it, the majority of us won't be as active because school started (cri). Also, if you don't see much of me in the next issue of Graham's Gazette, don't be surprised 'cause I'm annoying and didn't contribute during my break. I'm going to start working on some new content after this post, apologies to the other authors...

Anyway, this post will be mainly focusing on Instagram and how to have some neat organized feed + good quality pictures. Honestly until this March I had no idea what a theme was so my own feed isn't organized, but I'm starting to clean it and regularly clear out junk.

First of all, let's tackle quality. It's really annoying to see an edit/video/art/whatever kind of post to be all lame and have super low quality so it's all pixel-y and disgusting. Since for my first few months of Instagram I didn't actually have a phone (GASPPPP) I used a TERRIBLE program called 'Gramblr'. I do not recommend it. Even though IG lowers the quality a slight bit anyway Gramblr makes it look super unprofessional. Yes, it does have a few decent editing features but low quality pictures are not the way to go.

What most Animal Jam Instagrammers do is take a screenshot, email/text it to themselves, edit it on their phone (I recommend Phonto, you can find lots of free editing apps) and upload it. You can also edit it on the computer if you're more used to a Pixlr/PicMonkey/Photoshop format.

There are a few Animal Jam Instagrammers known for great editing, for example quotable.aj and xlisaax.aj. They are advanced editors and have been doing it for a while. Please do not ask them for apps, as they mention this a lot and it's sort of annoying for them. If you scroll down a bit in xlisaa.aj's feed you'll find some videos showing what apps she uses + her fonts she uses a lot.

As for themes, maybe do 5-10 posts per theme. A theme is a few posts that are all related; for example, a summer theme, a theme with a certain texture (scratches, blurred, etc.) and a bunch more. If you observe the feed of other jammers you may learn a thing or two.

To be honest, dividers can be optional. They definitely make someone's feed aesthetic and look a lot more organized. Dividers are usually just blank white posts used to separate themes. A lot of times, people will upload one blank white post, then some simple little image in the middle, and then another blank white post.

Finally, captions. You can make captions short or simple, maybe an inspirational quote. Don't forget hashtags! Try to separate hashtags from the rest of the post. Hashtags are essential for getting your account out there.
Here are some common AJ hashtags:
#animaljam #animaljamphotography #animaljamedit #ajhq
There are tons more, just a few quick ones :)

That's all I have today, bye ^-^


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