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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Wheel of Edits #2: Blog Header

Hey jammers! I've scheduled a few posts to be posted while I'm away on vacation so that you guys have some stuff to read! ^.^ I think Cosmic might post a few times too!

Anyways... here's another segment of the Wheel of Edits series! I'll copy and paste the directions/rules from the last segment:

"So, I've decided to start a new series called "Wheel of Edits" where I spin a random wheel picker thingy, which picks a specific type of edit. I'll then show you step-by-step how I would complete that edit, so that you can learn how to make them yourself! Also, it'll just be a fun little challenge. :)


 I'll be making the edits as little gifts for some of my buddies, just so that I have some information to create the edit off of. It would be hard to make an edit for a nameless person I didn't know, right? :P"

There ya go! Those are the rules for me to follow.

But without any further ado... let's spin the wheel!

Oh boy. It's been a long time since I've made a blog header. XP

I'll try my best, though! 

I think I'll make a header for Lostfairy's Animal Jam Jumble (<-- a="" an="" and="" be="" because="" blog="" blogs="" by="" can="" click="" completely="" creative.="" doesn="" epic="" existing="" for="" go="" have="" header="" headers="" her="" i="" influenced="" it="" like="" link="" m="" make="" not="" p="" t="" that="" to="" without="" yet="">

This'll be fun! XD

So, I decided to make the header pill-shaped, because I think it just has a nice, friendly look to it. And for a jammer as kind as Lostfairy, I wanted the header to reflect her personality! :)

Then, I added the text "The Animal Jam" in the Tiki Island font.

But I didn't want the word "Jumble" to be the same font--so I looked through my font collection to find a scrapbook-y, jumbled up font. I finally found the one that you can see below! I'm pretty sure it was called "Easy Way" or something along those lines.

I then added some bevels to the text, graphics to the sides and slight drop shadows.

But something seemed off. The header was way too plain! So I decided to add a background, because backgrounds are cool, right? :P

Since Lostfairy loves books, I chose a library-like background and added a light purple undertone to it so that it would blend well with the rest of the header's colors.

Here is the finished product!

It turned out pretty good! :D Lemme tell you--it's pretty hard to come up with good layout, font and color ideas when you don't have someone tell you directly what they want! Well, I guess that's what's called "being creative," eh?

I hope you enjoyed this Wheel of Edits segment! If you have any ideas for future segments (we need more wheel ideas!!!) then please leave them down below! :P




  1. OMG LostFairy would be so happy to see this! This is amazing! <3

    1. Ha, you are sooo right!! I am VERY happy!!!! <3

    I LOVE IT! It is way better than the one I have now. I shall have to use it soon... :D THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!

    1. Question, how do I change my header to this one? XD Sorry, I am not very techy. I tried but the header was way too big...

    2. Hmm... Did you check the "Shrink to size" box when you uploaded it? If you did and it was still too big, could you add me as an admin to your blog so I could fix it, or send me a screenshot of the problem?

      And I'm so happy that you like it!!!! <3

    3. Ohh! Thank you! I got it fixed now. :D IT LOOKS SPLENDID AS MY HEADER!! ^.^

      I don't like it, I LOVE IT!!! <3

  3. It's soo pretty! I want one now! What program did you use to make it, Panda?

    1. Thank you! And I'd be happy to feature you in an upcoming Wheel of Edits if you'd like! ;)

      I used Photoshop for this header, but there isn't much that I did with this header that you couldn't do in Pixlr with a little practice. :)


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