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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Sloths, Hummingbirds, Jamaalidays and MORE!

Hey jammers! Ineffable here. Today I'll be covering Jamaa's brand new update!

First of all, sloths have finally arrived! After a long, anticipated wait, these furry creatures have made their way to Jamaa. Personally, I don't really like their walking animation and I'm likely not getting one, but it's up to you to decide if you like what animal AJHQ has brought into the game.
And, as you can see, sloths are only 5 diamonds!

Second of all, pet hummingbirds are back! These tiny little birds come in a bright color variation and their accessories are amazing if I do say so myself.

Along with hummingbirds comes a new set of "armor"; the Princess Outfit! Make a complete girly look with this pink and purple based set of clothing items! These are available in the armor section of the Diamond Shop.

Also, jammers now can cool off in a festive way (lol what did I just say) because from July 24th to July 28th you'll be able to find the Christmas-based Jamaaliday Jam party on the party list! AJHQ also briefly mentions to adopt a cute little pet reindeer while you're partying!

Besides cooling off, you'll also want to make sure to try your hand (or rather, your paw) at playing Graham's Workshop! You can collect natural resources and use those resources to purchase unique, exclusive items! Also on this page is a little notice that if you see Adventure-like icons in your den, it means someone is in your den. This is a cool feature which you can enable and disable at any time!
To enable/disable the Player Icons feature, click on the little gear icon to open up your Settings. Then look for this setting: 

ZOOOOM! Bam, cheetahs are no longer in Jamaa! Of course, you can still play as your cheetah but jammers will no longer be able to purchase them as they have already begun their travels. You will be able to purchase them when they return! An animal that is doing the exact opposite of beginning it's travels are the kangaroos! Perhaps they'll arrive and bring forth a new land or discovery! Let's cross our fingers that their long absence was worth it. 

And now returning to the topic of sloths, here are some pawsome facts about these brand new animals! Which facts from this article did you already know? Which of these did you not already know?

Finally, here's a new pet you can get (hehe that rhymes) when you redeem an Animal Jam gift card! This has to be a code entered from a physical gift card, not one purchased by Animal Jam Outfitters. 

Well that wraps up this week's update! Be sure to check out more info regarding this topic when this week's issue of the Weekly Digest is released!
Signing off, 

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  1. Nice post!!! Love this blog, just foundon Gogle and its so good


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