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Friday, July 22, 2016

Animal Jam Exciting Announcements! JamCon, Giveaway, and MORE!

Hey jammers! Today's Friday...any of the authors can post anything! So I've decided to put together a post. I want to give you guys something to keep you entertained throughout the summer!
We have a lot of stuff to talk about, so let's get started!

First of all, you may have heard of JAMCON, a special jammer meetup that will take place in Boston, MA. Here are all the details!
As you can see, Snowyclaw will be hosting the event, and Aparri, Julian2, Bepper, WisteriaMoon plus Twinkle0122 will be there! I'm going, so maybe you'll be able to see me there...Snowyclaw says that we'll be going by our usernames only, so that's an even bigger chance you'll know who I am! Comment below if you're going!

Moving on, I just wanted to say that I congratulate Skorm on returning to the AJ community! Check out his more recent videos for more details.

Now back to JamCon...I have an idea. Perhaps we, as a blog, could compose a letter! Each person who wants to participate can write 2 sentences in a document. If you want to do it yourself, you'll have to give me your email. But you can also comment below your sentences. I will give the name of the author (your username) so don't worry, I'm not claiming any work as my own. I'll give you guys a more detailed explanation later on!

Finally, here's the giveaway you've been waiting for! It's a very small, quick giveaway by the way. Just 3 RIMs for the lucky winner! What you have to do in order to win is:
Jam-A-Gram me on Animal Jam saying this message: "That is so cool!" Don't worry, nonmembers can say this by using the bubble chat selections. There is no special format, it just has to be that message. The first person to do it wins! My username is ineffable.

Alright, well this wraps up my post! I'll see you guys later! 
Signing off, 


  1. For the document:
    "I really wish that I could go to JamCon, but I really can't -- but I hope that everyone who goes has fun! And.. that's all I really have. >w<"

  2. Wow, you're going to JamCon?! Lucky! I'd love to go, but sadly, we can't afford to spend more money on a plane ticket to Boston. But please take pictures! :D

    1. I will definitely take pictures :)

    2. Awesome, thanks!! I can't wait to see them!

  3. Hi Jam Con Jammers, I'm sorry I couldn't go >.<. I hope everyone there has a JAM-TASTIC time!

  4. Anyone knows at what time the event will end?

  5. What are you going to do if it rains tomorrow?

  6. Please provide more info on Boston event. What T shop do we get off at? How many people do you think are going? What other info do we need to know? Thanks.

    1. Sorry, I don't know all the exact info because I'm driving there. Snowyclaw has a lot of info though :) Also, please sign your username when writing a comment as an anonymous user :)

    2. By the way, over 300 people have RSVP-ed. That doesn't mean 300 people are coming. I'm not sure exactly how many people will be there.


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