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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Lostfairy's Animal Jam Tag!

Hey jammers! Panda here! Sorry for the inactivity over the past week or so... I'm going on vacation this coming week, and I've been busy packing and making preparations. >.< Because of that, there wasn't a Weekly Digest yesterday, and there won't be one this coming Saturday (because I'll be away). I also won't be able to post or reply to any of your comments this coming week, because I'll be in Canada without my computer. (Oh, the suffering I'll endure without my Macbook baby...) Sorry! D:

But on a happier note...

Today I'll be answering Lostfairy's Animal Jam tag! I was tagged for this challenge by Cosmic Cheetah, of the Animal Jam Comet.

What is your dream item?

Hmm... I suppose a light pink headdress or a nature archway?

Who is your favorite famous jammer?

I'd have to say WisteriaMoon, because her recent videos have been so funny to watch!

How many friends do you have?

I currently have 132 buddies, but I just sent out 4 more buddy requests this morning to some kind jammers who JAG'd me. :)

Do you love rares?

I definitely used to, when I first started playing, but after I started blogging I realized that rares weren't all that important. When I eventually quit Animal Jam when I've grown tired of it or too busy to play it, I'll definitely remember the friends I've made through Animal Jam way more than the different colored pixels that I owned.

What do you do in your free time?

I like to write stories, read books (I just finished the Mysterious Benedict Society books and they were so good!), eat yummy food, blog, create edits/commissions and play video games (My favorites are Little Big Planet and Diablo III, but I also used to play Skyrim/Elder Scrolls for a bit. I know, such boy-ish games, right? :P)

How many animals do you have?

Umm... well, when I was a member I had 32 animals, but ever since I lost my membership (which was about a year ago) I've only had 2 animals. 

What is your least favorite thing?

This is going to sound awful and mean, but I'd have to say that it can be a bit annoying when buddies constantly follow you around for the entirety of your time on AJ. Of course I'd love to talk with all of my buddies, but not for an hour straight (unless we're doing an adventure or something like that).

What is your favorite thing?

I love getting JAG's from all of you guys! Every other day I'll get a JAG from one of you lovely viewers telling me how much you love the blog, or the graphics or something along those lines, and it just makes me feel so happy! Especially since I log onto AJ in the morning or early afternoon, reading those kind messages just makes my day! :) You are all truly the BEST! 

What an awesome tag, Lostfairy! I guess this is the part where I tag other people to answer?

I tag...





  1. I already put mine up on the AJ Sunshine XD

    1. Oh, oops! >.< I made this post before I checked most of my Blogger notifications, so I didn't see who had already posted and who hadn't. XP


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