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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A Tiger's Charm (fanfiction) + Interview!

Hey guys, Ineffable here. Before I start this post, I would like to share condolences with the families and friends of recent police victims in Baton Rouge. In the past month, so many horrible, disgusting acts of violence have terrorized our world. So much pain has been caused. We need to do something about this.
I know the majority of people viewing this blog will be children or teens, but we need to accept that our world is far from perfect.
On a much happier note, today I bring to you a fanfiction and an interview!

Count Sunnypaw was a rather majestic tiger. His golden-orange colored fur decorated with regal black stripes gave him a reputation for being proper. Count wore a glittering chain of gold and silver with a diamond-shaped ruby charm accompanied with small flakes of sapphire.

One evening, as the tiger strolled down the banquet table, selecting sizzling meats with rich, buttery sides, he looked up at the bright sun, sinking behind the ocean. Light pink clouds that faded into purplish hues embodied it and the wisps of color looked as if they were gently scraping along the waves. But Count Sunnypaw noticed something strange about the sun. He blinked and saw a flash of blue on the body of light, but it went away within a second. He rubbed his eyes clumsily with his paws, while trying to hold his plate and went to sit down at a table.

The next morning was lovely. A crisp breeze blew through the open windows of Count's den and delicate rays of sunlight ensured he awakened feeling refreshed. He got ready and padded out of the door, waving his tail. Captain Melville's Juice Hut sounded like a great idea, so Count Sunnypaw bounded through the sand and pawed open the door excitedly. He eagerly walked over to the counter and ordered a mixed berry smoothie.

A few hours into the day, Count was roaming Jamaa Township when he stumbled into a friend of his.
"Nice necklace!" exclaimed his friend, a monkey. "Do you suppose I could borrow it for a special date I have with Juniper Berryfox?" Count  Sunnypaw was astonished. A date with Juniper?! His friend showed him their text conversations as well to prove it.
"Sure, big guy!" laughed the tiger as he slipped off the priceless array of jewels, gold, and silver. He gently tossed it over to the monkey who caught it with his paws, agile as ever. But as soon as the glittering gems touched his palms, he let out a screech of agony.
wow best cliffhanger ever i know
Now for a special interview with the creator and owner of this blog, Awesomepanda868!
Ineffable: So, awesomepanda868, what is the key thing you try to remember when blogging?

Panda: I always try to remember that my main goal as a blogger is to deliver what my readers want. Therefore, I strive to create the best possible content that I can. I also pay attention to any post requests my viewers make, so that I can deliver any and all posts/pages/information that my viewers want to see.

I: Wow, very thoughtful of you, Panda. You do work very hard. Moving on, were there any blogs that inspired you right from the start?

P: Definitely! Animal Jam Cheats and Codes was the first Animal Jam blog I saw, and it made me want to start my own blog. After I had started my blog, however, I drew inspiration from The Animal Jam Whip and Animal Jam Community.

I: I drew inspiration from this blog, actually (hehehe) and it's amazing that I am an author for it now. Now here is a rather touchy subject AJ-wise. What do you think about the Animal Jam community? What do you like and dislike about it?

P: I love how dedicated and kind many of the people in the AJ community are. There are so many talented people who play this game, and many of them are extremely caring and have your absolute best interest in mind. However, the number of hackers, scammers and "haters" in the AJ community is too extreme for my liking. I just wish everyone could be nice to each other!

I: I agree. Also, if you could change one thing about Animal Jam, not the community, but the game itself, what would it be?

P: Hmm... I suppose I would add more opportunities and features similar to the Masterpiece feature to the game. People can express their creativity by creating Masterpieces, and have their work be valued by other jammers. So perhaps more customizable and creative features?

I: Good idea. Masterpieces are taking AJ by storm if I do say so myself. Finally, if you were to spend the rest of your time on Animal Jam, what would you do?

By this I mean an activity on AJ (e.g. roleplaying, making outfits, etc.)

P: I'm not sure if this counts, but I'd have to say talking with my buddies! As a non-member, there isn't much outfit making or den decorating that can happen, and I find that it's much more fun to chat with my buddies than it is to obsess over rares nowadays.

I: That definitely counts. Thank you so much for joining me for this interview!

Signing off,


  1. I need to hear more of ALL your stories, Ineffable! They're so good!

    Aw, Awesomepanda really is an awesome blogger! And you are too, Ineffable! :DD

    1. Thank you so so so much! I really appreciate all of your supportive commentary :D


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