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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Jamaa Teleporting System?

Hey jammers! Panda here!

So, as I was strolling around Jamaa, I realized something...

You know how there are various caves, roads and other passages to get to other lands? For example, you can get from the Lost Temple of Zios to Jamaa Township via a road/path. This makes sense, as Jamaa Township and the Lost Temple of Zios are adjacent, and, when thinking logically, you can assume that by crossing the bridge shown in the Jamaa Map, you can easily cross from one land to the other. (Path shown in red below.)

However, there is one (if not more than one) completely illogical way to get from one land to another.

In Mt. Shiveer, when you go to the cave that leads to Crystal Sands, you may have stopped to think before: Wait a second! Mt. Shiveer and Crystal Sands are nowhere near each other! How can I get to Crystal Sands from Mt. Shiveer if they are nearly on completely opposite sides of the map?

How on Earth can you get from a cave in Mt. Shiveer to the entrance to another cave in Crystal Sands?

And then, after you enter the cave in Mt. Shiveer, you end up at the entrance to the cave back to Mt. Shiveer in Crystal Sands. #nologic

Of course, this may just be me being overly nitpicky, but considering how logical and realistic all of the other ways to get to different lands are, finding this one sort of surprised me.



  1. Yeah, that's pretty weird.. Maybe an underground tunnel?

    1. I was just going to comment that! YES! an underground tunnel!

    2. Yep, an underground tunnel, random magical teleporting system or some other phenomenon is probably the solution to this wacky problem. :P My first thought was an underground tunnel (not sure how that would work, considering that your animal would have to trudge underneath all of Jamaa, which would likely take a LONG time, not a mere few seconds) or a long mountain pass around Jamaa to get from Mt. Shiveer to Crystal Sands... not quite sure how it works though!

  2. Interesting I never thought! I love your sig with the emojis:) I love emojis

    1. Yeah, it was kind of weird to actually figure that out after years of playing AJ. :P

      And thanks so much! <3 I saw your post on AJLP awhile back about how you received an emoji pillow in the mail once, and I remember it being super cute and emoji-ful!


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