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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Creepy bunny heads...

The new pixelated bunny heads in the Diamond Shop are literally the biggest, creepiest items I've ever seen on Animal Jam:

I mean, look at the insane scaling! The bunny head is probably 3 times the size of the fox.

When I saw someone with the bunny head on their animal appear in the land I was in, I nearly screamed in fright. :O They're just so creepy looking and HUGE!

Have a lovely day! (And stay safe from the evil, mutant pixelated bunny heads... XD)



  1. If you hop with a bunny head on an arctic fox, the ears get cut off! And if you play with it on a normal fox, it gliches out!

    1. Yeah, I noticed that as well in one of Appari's videos I watched earlier today. The whole item is so bizarre. :P

  2. Those bunny hats are creepy! O.O

  3. Boy that's bigger than I thought they were:-)


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