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Saturday, April 16, 2016

AJGC Management Team?

Hey jammers!

So, I was thinking...

I've been awfully busy lately, and I doubt that I'll get any less busy as time and school advances.

And I thought that maybe, if all of us could sort of pool our free time together, perhaps all of us could get done a lot more than just myself.

In comes the (possible... not sure if this will become a real thing yet) AJGC Management Team!

Basically, I'll organize a team base (on a website called Asana) where I can assign tasks to be due on certain days. I'll personally invite some trusted friends and contributors to help out first, but it will probably expand later on. Basically, I can create projects that need to be done by a certain date, and the people who are part of the team can mark them as completed when they are finished. It will help make the AJGC so much more fun and informational for everyone!

Also, as a few extra perks for becoming part of the team, I'll probably host giveaways, parties and give out free commissions to members of the team.

If you're interested in joining the team, make sure to leave your email address and username below! :D



  1. This sounds like an interesting idea that could definitely be fun if done right c:

    I believe you already have my email and username, but here it is anyways:

    1. Haha, yup! It was just something I thought up and that might be fun. It's sort of in a beta testing stage, so I'm not sure if it'll end up being an actual thing later on. :P

      I'll add you to the team! Check your email for an invitation from a company called Asana to join the AJGC workspace. :D

  2. Since I LOVE helping out with the AJGC, I would LOVE to help! Also, that scam-busting blog is out! You can view it here:

    USERNAME: Cheetah87516

    Thanks for this opportunity! ^-^

  3. Panda, you might need to do the "Jammer Shoutouts!" sidebar image again because "shoutouts" is spelled "shoutous" on the sidebar image, and it might puzzle new visitors.

    1. OMG, how did I never notice that before?! Thanks! I'll redo it when I have the chance! :)

    2. You're welcome! I usually seem to notice little tid-bits that nobody else seems to notice, do I have superpowers? If I did have powers, it would be either ice, magic, or fire..

    3. Haha, maybe you DO have magical powers! :O I agree--if I had magical powers, I would love to have ice powers. (Cue "Let it Go!" from Frozen.)

      Also, thank you so much for your kind answer to the AJGC survey! <3 You are so sweet! Reading it made my day. :)

    4. I just love the snow, and I personally think winter's a bit better than all of the other seasons.. But I love to make everyone happy and just type up a kind little paragraph or two for them! ^-^ Well, on to post for the Animal Jam Comet!

    5. Yes, I've always thought that winter was one of the better seasons. Somehow, I just don't mind being cold that much. :P

  4. Panda I would love to help and you have my email and username already but just in case username is lovely1147046 and email is

  5. Cookycupcake

  6. I think I would explode with joy before I'd be able to do the task I was assigned, but this opportunity is one I simply can't turn down! I've wanted to partake in the management tasks of popular blogs like this for years :O
    Username: ineffable
    (silently prays i'll be able to join)

  7. I would love to join! The only things are my email is broken and I don't have a google acount... So if I can still help out I would love to!!! I also understand if I can't. :p

    Have a great day!

    -spiritpaw4 (my username :p)

    1. Awesome! (Nice to see you again, after so long! :D) I'll try and think of a way you can help without an email address--but I'm sure I'll think of something! Thanks for wanting to help! :)

    2. I can still use my old email but it's hard for me to check it... if that helps.

    3. That's OK! I just have to add you to a program using your email, and you don't really have to check or use your email after that! Could you comment your email, or send me an email from that email? Thanks! :D

    4. It's

  8. I would like to join but I am not exactly sure what this is so can you explain it to me? My email is and I am cerisewolf2014

    1. It's essentially where I add some people to this platform called Asana, where I can assign tasks (ex: Write a blog post, or make elephant graphics etc.) and people who are a part of the team can help complete the tasks.

      If you'd like to join, I can add you! :D


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