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Monday, April 4, 2016

A Quick Question... :P

Hey jammers! Panda here...

So I have a ton of homework today and a series of huge statewide tests going on this week and next week. I may not be able to post as much, due to that fact, but I'll try my best! :D

Since I won't be able to post that much today, I have a quick question for you to answer while I'm gone for the day:

How many gems and how many diamonds do you currently have?

I have 50,000 gems and 58 diamonds, only because I'm a non-member and there are hardly any things to buy as a non-member. XD

But make sure to answer that question down in the comments! I love seeing how many gems and/or diamonds people have (not to be a stalker or anything, LOL) because it can say a lot about a person. Someone who spends their gems and diamonds quickly is spontaneous, adventurous, fun and carefree. Someone who is conservative of their gems and diamonds is wise, logical, open-minded and analytical.

Oh, by the way... you might want to check out this nifty little Animal Jam quiz I posted awhile ago... you can dig through the posts from the last week or so to find it, or click the handy link below to check it out:

Anyways... I better go... I've been procrastinating for the last hour or so, and should actually go to do my homework.

Oh, the joys of going to school... NOT. >:O



  1. GEMS: 15,040
    TICKETS: 38,760

  2. Gems: 13,295
    Tickets: 9
    Diamonds: 22

  3. Gems: 46,075
    Diamonds: 98
    Tickets: 62

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