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Friday, April 29, 2016

Animal Jam Tag!

Hey jammers!

So, I've been a lot more active on Google Plus recently, and I have to admit: it's pretty fun. :P I love chatting with people on there, and I've even opened up a more advanced set of commissions (like YouTube video thumbnails, Google+ covers, YouTube channel art etc.) that cost an item or two over there! You can check out the extra commissions (I give out free ones every once in awhile too :D) by clicking here!

I'll probably be posting sneak peeks of graphics, commissions and other big/fun projects I'm working on for the blog over on G+ now, so make sure to go and follow me if you have a G+ account! :D We can be besties over there. :P

Anyways, I posted a mini 9-question Animal Jam tag over there, and posted my own answers yesterday! (Click here to check out the original post and some of the answers from other jammers!) Here is the tag:

And here are my answers! ^.^

(AJ questions)
1. The panda or the bunny, definitely. ^.^
2. I guess the laughing one?
3. Hmm... WisteriaMoon's videos are pretty funny to watch. XD
4. I guess the party hats, gloves or high top sneakers. :P
("Real life" questions)
1. I have really dark brown hair and I sometimes curl it into waves, but often I'm too lazy so I just brush it and wear it in it's messy straight state.
2. I guess prepare for nerd alert technology or English. :P I love writing, and am interested in technology, so those two are probably my favorites.
3. OMG. Gym... Me in gym class is literally so sad. D: Except in basketball and running... I dominate lol no am OK in those units. :P
4. Writing, blogging, editing, reading and drawing. :D
5. Hmm.. it really depends on the day and the circumstances, but I really can't pass up a good piece of chocolate. But that french fry over there is looking pretty tasty too... #thedilemma

Comment down below your answers to the tag! ^.^ And tell me if you'd like to see more tags like this one! I personally think they're pretty fun, and help people to get to know each other better! :D

Also, I'll be posting some graphics and some examples of some of the G+ commissions I've done later today, so stay tuned! ;)



1 comment:

  1. -- ANIMAL JAM --
    1. Cheetah or Snow Leopard.
    2. The member smiley emote!
    3. Hmm, but I like Animal Jam Graphic Central AJ, Aparri, and Bepper!
    4. I like Nerd Glasses, Cosmic Necklaces, and Deer Fur.
    -- "REAL LIFE" --
    5. I have brown hair and I usually keep it straight .w.
    6. I love social studies, science, and art!
    7. I dislike math.
    8. Blogging, Drawing, Art, Editing..
    9. It depends..


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