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Monday, March 21, 2016

How to Create Epic Animal Jam Graphics : Part 3

Hey jammers! It's Panda, with the 3rd installment of the How to Make Epic Animal Jam Graphics 20-part series!

Make sure to check out the introductory post for a refresher on what this series is, as well as the first segment of the series, and the second segment of the series!

Today we'll be covering how to use the instant alpha tool on a Mac to create super quick and easy transparent graphics. I know that several of you have Mac's, and since I too own a Mac and know a couple of handy tricks on how to use it, I thought I'd share them with you! ^.^

Also, I'm sorry that this tutorial isn't too much of a help for those of you who own PC's or other non-Mac computers. However, there are some tips later on in the tutorial that may help some of you who use Photoshop or Pixlr's selection tool.

Ready to start learning?

Okay, let's get started! :D



You'll need to open up Mac Preview. (Here's a handy tutorial on how to do that!)


To create a graphic using this method, you'll want to follow the below steps:
  • Take a screenshot on a non-busy background somewhere in Jamaa.
  • Open up your screenshot in Preview.
  • Then, click on the little toolbox icon to the left of the search bar. 

  • Now, select the "Instant Alpha" tool, which you'll see is represented by a wand-like icon. 

  • Then, drag your mouse around the background of your image. Unfortunately, I lost the screenshot in which I showed this step, but you'll find that the areas you select turn red.
  • With most non-busy backgrounds, you'll find that all the areas in the background that you want to delete will be selected by this tool. If some areas are left out, then you might have to go in with the lasso tool (also found in Preview) or with an eraser brush in Pixlr or Photoshop.
  • Once your background is selected, it will be surrounded in a dotted line. Press the Delete key to remove what you have selected (NOT the Crop button!).

  • Voila!


You'll see the rest of this series coming up in the next few weeks. But here's the schedule again real quick so that you can see what other goodness is coming up:

Day 3: Using the Instant Alpha Tool on a Mac to Get Transparent Graphics  (that's this post!)
Day 4: Using Pixlr to Create Transparent Graphics
Day 5: Using Photoshop to Create Transparent Graphics
Day 6: Creating Colored Background Graphics
Day 7: Using Filters to Change Colors of Graphics
Day 8: Creating Graphic Manipulations/Posters/Thumbnails etc.
Day 9: Creating Sidebar Images
Day 10: Creating Signatures
Day 11: Creating Blog Headers
Day 12: Creating 'Grab My Button' Codes
Day 13: Picking Color Schemes
Day 14: Creating Gradient Text in Photoshop
Day 15: Using Clipping Masks in Photoshop
Day 16: Selecting the Perfect Graphic-Making Images/Locations
Day 17: Creating Graphics of Animals
Day 18: Creating Graphics of Objects/Animals With Busy Backgrounds
Day 19: My Favorite Fonts to Use When Photo-Editing
Day 20: Ways to Use Graphics

Hope that makes you excited! :D


Make sure to keep on viewing the blog so that we can reach our goal of 100,000 views by the end of March! I know we can do it! We're only ~ 3,000 views away!


  1. That's cool, even though I don't own a Mac!

  2. Are you in the Eastern Time Zone? The time on the clock is familiar to me!

  3. Can't wait for Part 4!! It will probably help me quite a bit!!

  4. I think I'm gonna start using that instead of gimp cause I find it much more easier


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