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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

How to Create Epic Animal Jam Graphics : Introduction

Hey jammers! I'm super pumped to announce the beginning of an epic new series! When I sent out a form a while back asking what kinds of content and tutorials you guys wanted to see, a graphics course was highly requested. But since I don't really collect rares as much as I used to, I didn't think it would be fair for me to demand a price for all of this juicy graphic-making information. So I decided to make it a free series for all of you to enjoy!

A lot of you said that you didn't just want the basics of graphic-making and that you wanted to know EVERYTHING. Filters, different colored backgrounds, transparent backgrounds, animal graphics... everything. Hence this MEGA 20-part series on creating graphics! Also, since I am no longer doing commissions, I thought I'd show all of you how to DIY most of the things that I would have done for you in the commissions!

You'll see this series coming up in the next few weeks. But here's the schedule real quick so that you can see what's coming up:

Introduction (that's this post!)
Day 1: What Tools I Use for Graphic-Making
Day 2: Basics of Graphic-Making
Day 3: Using the Instant Alpha Tool on a Mac to Get Transparent Graphics
Day 4: Using Pixlr to Create Transparent Graphics
Day 5: Using Photoshop to Create Transparent Graphics
Day 6: Creating Colored Background Graphics
Day 7: Using Filters to Change Colors of Graphics
Day 8: Creating Graphic Manipulations/Posters/Thumbnails etc.
Day 9: Creating Sidebar Images
Day 10: Creating Signatures
Day 11: Creating Blog Headers
Day 12: Creating 'Grab My Button' Codes
Day 13: Picking Color Schemes
Day 14: Creating Gradient Text in Photoshop
Day 15: Using Clipping Masks in Photoshop
Day 16: Selecting the Perfect Graphic-Making Images/Locations
Day 17: Creating Graphics of Animals
Day 18: Creating Graphics of Objects/Animals With Busy Backgrounds
Day 19: My Favorite Fonts to Use When Photo-Editing
Day 20: Ways to Use Graphics

Hope that makes you excited! :D


 Make sure to keep on viewing the blog so that we can reach our goal of 90,000 views before 2016! I know we can do it!

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