Blogger Tricks Animal Jam Graphic Central!: Shutter Shades + Den Ideas for NM!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Shutter Shades + Den Ideas for NM!

Hey jammers! Here is my post on the Animal Jam Comet from today:


Hey jammers! It's Panda here!

I hope you're all having a great Friday!

Today's new item is the shutter shades!

There may be other new items today, but I was extremely busy today and don't really have time to check! Sorry! D:

Also, for today's den idea, I have an idea for a completely non-member table.

I've always found it hard to locate a non-member table that was big enough to hold all of the items I wanted it to hold. However, after rearranging some of the Pi Day items, I noticed that grouping the pi tables together formed a large table!

So, if you have any tables left over from Pi Day, try grouping them together to form a unique and completely customizable table!


Have a great day, everyone! Hope you enjoyed that!


Thanks again for the signature, Cosmic!


  1. You're welcome!
    Also, Panda, can you help me think of idea pages because 1) I want sidebar images; and a full list of pages across the top, 2) I have an idea for how to make my sidebar images. I also have an idea for a page.

    1. Of course! Here are some ideas for pages:

      - blogging tips page
      - codes page
      - den tips
      - clothing ideas/outfit tips
      - achievements guide
      - beta days page
      - adventure page
      - Jamaa lore
      - page for your epic stories (like The Artist! It totally deserves it's own page! ^.^)

      Well, I hope that helped, somewhat! If you like, you can grab some ideas from the pages I have here on AJGC!

      Have a lovely day!


    2. Thanks for ideas! I will certainly add almost each one of these!

    3. You can put in an author profile if you'd like to in the newest page, Author Profiles!

  2. If anyone reading this celebrates it, happy early Easter! I will share what I got tomorrow ^-^ (Oh, I hope I get Copic Markers! They seem so professional! I just love doodling!)

    1. Happy early Easter to you as well! ^.^ And I'd love a set of Copic markers as well--they are so clean and high-quality. <3

    2. At my house (Best stuff) - GIANT GUMMY BEAR!!, $15.00 iTunes gift card, and a 3-month Animal Jam gift card ^-^

  3. Hey Panda, how do you make images on pages have links (E.G. the Archives)? I decided to make the Clothing Tips and Den Tips a single page along with the other weekly topics.

    1. Do you mean linking sidebar graphics to pages, or having actual images on the page have links?

      If you mean the latter, then simple click on the image in the Blogger page editor, and click on the button you normally would to insert a link or make a selection of text have a link. Then just paste in your URL and, BOOM! You're done!


    2. Thanks! I will probably add them tomorrow morning! And make them.. But that's last on my list.


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