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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Updates + Lucky Castle Tour + Think About It Thursday!

Hey jammers! Panda here, with some updates! (Whaaaaaa?)

I know, I haven't done a Jamaa Journal updates post in nearly a year (woah...).

Yet, here I am, making one.

I guess I just don't want to do my homework and am big-time procrastinating. Oh well.

Anyways, let's get into these updates!

Yay! The otters were always one of my favorite animals, so I'm super thrilled that they're back in Jamaa. ^.^

Pet skunks? I'm not personally sure if I would buy a skunk even if I were a member, but it's nice how AJHQ is adding a new pet practically every update. It adds a lot of variety to the game. :)

Also, the Lucky Castle is pretty epic. Unlike some of the HUUUUGE, oversized dens that AJHQ has released recently (looking at you, Sky Kingdom and Beach House!) this one has lots of character, but isn't too big. More on this new den later!

Lucky Clovers is a really neat adventure. I love scavenging the clover patches for keys and the prizes you receive from this adventure are flippin' adorable.

Cool! The Conservation Museum is such a neat place, and I love it when AJHQ adds new information about animals to it's exhibits.

Huh. Pi Day was supposedly last year (3/14/15 had the same numbers as 3.1415) but apparently it's a recurring holiday?

I personally don't play Play Wild, but if you do, the addition of horses to the app sounds pretty cool!

Too bad that rhinos have to leave as soon as the otters come back... but I guess that's how AJ works. :(

Now for a tour of the new Lucky Castle den!

You first spawn in this brown-tiled large room. I'm not quite sure what that raised area is near one of the walls, but I'm assuming it's either a little platform or a stage of sorts.

Off of that large room, there is a set of stairs. The stairs are pretty realistic-looking, if you ask me.

After the stairs, there is another (but smaller) brown-tiled room.

That room branches off into this cement/rock/marble room/balcony overlooking the sky.

By climbing a set of stairs off of the balcony, you can reach a larger terrace-like area, which is similar to the top floor of the Snow Fort den.

Back to that medium sized room! There is a ladder that leads back up to that terrace, as well as a RAINBOW SLIDE! Yes, yes, a rainbow slide. How epic is that?

Obviously, you can slide down the rainbow slide. (Cue "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"! XD)

And when you do, you land in a pot of gold! I thought that this was a really cute slide, and one of the best AJ has ever included in one of their dens.

After climbing out of the pot of gold that you landed in after sliding down the rainbow, you'll find a long, winding stone path.

After following the path upwards, you'll find a stone circle, with two whimsical, cool-looking trees to the left.

I hope you enjoyed this updates/tour post! It's fun to go back to updates posts every once in awhile. :)

And since we haven't abided by our old posting schedule in awhile, I thought I'd add to the sentimental journey back in AJGC time and post a Think About It Thursday question!

Here it is:

Do you think that AJHQ's addition of the larger dens was a good or bad thing? Do you like the larger dens? Or do you prefer smaller, cozier ones?

Even if you're a non-member and haven't personally owned any of the larger member dens, hopefully you can still answer this question. :)

Have a great day! Tomorrow is Friday! Hang in there, all my fellow students homework-scarred test-bearers!



  1. some of the dens are okay but like small - medium size are nice. But like I said some of the big dens are a bit big like really big

    1. Yeah, HUGE dens are a little overwhelming and can be hard to decorate. >.<

  2. I like decorating large dens in my spare time, but if I want to edit photos (I can do it now, as I have a temporary folder) I would choose a smaller den. So, medium dens are my fancy.

    1. Medium and smaller dens are super cute and cozy! ^.^ But I agree, large dens are really fun to decorate in spare time. :)

  3. On the back page of "Mirazine," it says: "GRAPHICS PROVIDED BY: ANIMALJAMGRAPHICCENTRAL.BLOGSPOT.COM" Say, they gave you credit! C:

    1. Oh, wow! Thanks so much for telling me about the Mirazine! I had no idea that it existed, but it's super interesting and unique! I'll definitely be reading it, and will probably make a little shoutout post for it!

      And thanks for letting me know that they gave credit. ^.^ You're always on the lookout for that, which I really appreciate! :)

    2. You're welcome c: Wow, I'm on the top commenters list!

  4. Panda? I just want to ask this straight forward. Are you quitting this blog or aj?????? You aren't as active as you used to be...

    1. No, I'm just busy with school, my other website and studying........


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