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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Update and missed posts

Hey, guys. Since panda is on break, I'm gonna try to post every day. Today we got a new Jamaa Journal. Yay earliness.

I'm starting to wonder if they bring back and take away animals just so they get attention. Not a lot of people really like cheetahs. If you're looking for the minibook, it's under the panda statue and tapestry in the Chamber of Knowledge.
I spent HOURS looking in the Sol Arcade for this before I realized it's a buddy game. It doesn't actually give instructions, and I can't figure it out. Anyone wanna explain?
BUT I HATE THIS ONE! Okay, maybe it's not that bad, but it's the one that I liked least. If you buy the dragon egg, which is the only nm item in the set, click on it! It's so cute!
They bring back cheetahs, and take away otters? That's not very nice.
I donated some gems to lions, so I checked out some of the exhibits. And the summer carnival rises again soon.
The last page which I'm not posting is another spring bunny ad.
Today's Wednesday coupon is for a deluxe pack for only a 1,000 gems item. Yes, I'm still doing commissions while panda is gone.
That's all I have today! See you later!


  1. Wow... thank you for posting this, Arctic! ^.^ You are so amazing!!!

    Yeah, the Mechanical Set was my least favorite, but that egg is so cute when you click on it! :O

    MEANIE AJHQ!! Why take the otters away? :( I am really excited for the Summer Carnival, though. ^.^


  2. Hey, Arctic! Nice post! I actually quite like SOME of the items in the set itself. How's the commission going?

  3. THE SPRING BUNNY ADS ARE EVERYWHERE! They aren't sending JAGs bugging people about it, which is a relief. When AJHQ made diamond certificates for the AJ Outfitters, they sent JAGs that were kinda harsh, BUGGING people to buy diamond certificates. VERY similar to the JAGs sent to NMs bugging them to buy membership or to members if their membership is about to expire. And don't forget the most annoying ad in-game which you get trying to purchase a diamond shop item without enough gems. It's basically in-game advertising purposes (I-GAP)
    I cannot wait for July. Then the SBI-GAP (Spring Bunny In-Game Advertising Purposes) will be gone.


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