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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Feather Earrings + Feather Tail + Enchanted Earth News/Sneak Peek + Saturday Commission Raffle (Winners + New One)!

Hey jammers! ^.^

The new items today are the feather earrings for sale in Jam Mart Clothing!

This item is pretty nifty -- I like the tribal feel that the earrings have, and also love the different color customization options available.

Also, this feather tail item was released yesterday (forgot to post about it). It would go very well withe the feather earrings released today, don't you think? ^.^ Perhaps we'll see more feathered items tomorrow. 

Remember that Enchanted Earth preview/leaked image we saw a few weeks ago? Just to refresh your memory:

See that pink patterned fox on the far left? According to the following image, (found on The Animal Jam Spirit) that fox is named Naya, and she is the first in Animal Jam's line of plushies and figurines called Enchanted Earth. 

Note: I edited the above image a little bit to make it show up clearer.

According to her little blurb: Naya is curious and loyal. She loves socializing withe everyone and everything. If it were up to her everything in Jamaa would be pink. Her favorite thing to do in Jamaa is go to parties.

That toy figurine/plush looks awesome (and it will most likely be coming out next month!) but it looks mostly targeted towards little girls (in the article it said that the series was mostly for a target audience of seven to eleven year old girls) hopefully a series will be released that is directed towards boys as well, or at least a series for older kids. ^.^ Even so, this series looks awesome! :D These toys will cost around $5-$20 US dollars.

Also, according to the text in the article/image above, Animal Jam gets 1.2 million new users per month! Wow... I had no idea that many new users joined each month! O,O

Now it's time for our Saturday Commission Raffle...

The winner of last week's raffle is arcticpenguinii! He wins 4 custom signatures, 1 custom graphic, 1 free custom back-to-top button and 1 custom header.

For this week's raffle, I'll be giving away 2 custom graphics, 3 custom signatures, 1 custom 'Grab My Button' and the installation of 3 blog add-ons of your choice. Just comment a number from 1 to 100 for a chance to win!

Oh, and also, be sure to send in any graphics you made this week to be featured in tomorrow's Featured Graphics post! Any graphics are welcome! Just send them in to:

Have a nice day, everyone! :D



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