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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Inline Skates + Think About it Thursday!

Hey jammers! In two days, I'll be publishing the first ever Dear Panda segment -- a weekly series (posted every Saturday) in which you can post questions related to blogging (ex: How does the overall design of my blog look? What could I add to my blog to make it better? How can I get more views and comments? I just added            to my blog, how does it look? etc.). This new series is active now, since answering blogging questions specific to certain users on the Ask AJGC and Blogging Tips & Tricks page was consuming huge amounts of my time during the week (don't worry, it wasn't any of your faults, I just have a hugely busy schedule) so I decided to make those types of questions not allowed, except on Saturdays when Dear Panda is posted.

Anyways... the new item is the inline skates in Jam Mart Furniture!

I remember this item from last year -- sometime in the spring/summer it was released, was it not? Overall, I think these skates are pretty neat. They come in nice colors, they are pretty cheap, and they are for non-members! ^.^

For today's Think About it Thursday, I'll be posting a little mystery for you -- what/why do you think those sparkles on Zios' shrine are/got there?

Also, make sure to enter the story contest by clicking here! Hurry, because it ends on May 19th!

Have an amazing day, everyone! :D And don't forget to send in graphics that you made this week! 


P.S. We've almost reached 30,000 views! :O


  1. Err.. I believe the contest due date is May 19, not March 19 XD

    1. Oh oops! I'll fix that right away. :P

  2. Panda I was wondering, I never got sent my prizes for the fashion show... What happened?

    1. The prizes are on my storage account, and I sent you a buddy request on my storage awhile ago -- did it not go through?


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