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Monday, May 11, 2015

It's Time For a Break...

Hey jammers. Don't worry -- I'm not quitting. But I am taking a break from blogging. I'll still be on Animal Jam, but for me, blogging about updates every day has lost it's glamor.

Trust me, I'd rather this not happen. But it had to be done. For a variety of reasons.
  • My grades have to be kept up -- blogging has lowered my grades dramatically (no time to study), and I really value school and I want to earn good grades.
  • I feel as though I'm disappointing everyone when I can't post (I forgot to do so much stuff for the blog yesterday).
  • I see myself as an overachiever, so I set huge goals for myself that have now decided to swallow me whole. Do you know how hard it is to write an animal facts segment, tips segment, create a decent file to give away for free, create interesting and thought-provoking questions, do one of the previous tasks all over again, create a chapter of a story, give away some of my services for free, create a fun activity or mystery segment and hope that some people send in graphics for that week so I can compose a Featured Graphics post. Add creating dozens of commissions (most of them for free) and keeping 2 other websites along with this one and keeping everyone happy, and you've got yourself a mess. I blame nobody except myself for setting myself up for this, but I couldn't take it anymore.
  • When I grow up, I want to be a web developer (someone who writes that long HTML code in your website that keeps it going) or graphic designer (someone who creates pretty images for your site and makes it look nice) and charge some money for my services. (I'd also like to be an author and a teacher, but that's not really relevant.) Giving away free commissions was really a practice for that, and now that I've begun to get a little better at it, I can't give my work away anymore for free, not even for items (after all, if I ever do quit AJ, the items won't serve a purpose). I'll be permanently stopping or temporarily postponing Commissions. I haven't decided yet.
I'm really sorry. I'll be returning in at most 3 months to finalize some decisions, but you can always contact me if you like. :) I am also sorry if this post sounded selfish, self-absorbed or mean in any way, I just wanted to express my feelings.

Contests and such will be concluded after I return (so you guys all have an extra few weeks to enter).

It would mean the world to me if one of the authors could post (occasionally). But only if you guys want to. ^.^




  1. Bye bye i understand, grades and school come first :(

    1. Bye (for now)! I'll miss you all terribly.

      Yeah... unfortunately for us kids, school gets in the way of everything. >.<

    2. P1: Hw, do a pile of notes. Yay notes!
      P2: My nonproductive language class
      P3: Hw, annotate this entire billion-page packet :D....
      P4: Hw, Project due really soon, starting working!
      P5: Lunch
      P6: Hw, one pile of math problems
      P7: Hw, essay due in 2 days, no need to worry!
      P8: My nonproductive extracurricular class

      Me: O_O...... I was hoping to have some fun....?

  2. Bye my mom would freak if i had bad grades. But please don't quit! Your blog is doing amazing!

    1. Haha! I get pretty good grades, but I want to spend more time studying and doing homework.

      Thank you for your support!

  3. You made the right choice, Panda. Ever since school started this year, I have been extremely busy, which is why I no longer do daily updates. Hopefully once summer vacation begins for you, you can do whatever you like. ;)

    Remember: set your priorities! I favor you. You are doing such a good job at setting priorities. c:

    1. First of all: ADORABLE PROFILE PICTURE! XD Cue little doggy...

      Second of all: Thank you so much for the raffle prize! :D

      Thank you. Yup, I am REALLY looking forward to summer so I can finally buckle down and relax. >.<

      You are so amazing, Naffy. ^.^

    2. Luckily, school ends next week for me. When do you guys get out?

    3. Idk, maybe 1,2, or 3 weeks. *shrugs* -D6 (btw Panda, D6 is my nickname on another blog, can I use it here too?)

    4. 5th grade graduation for meh on monday! exactly a week from now!

    5. I still have way over a month. (Well, my school starts pretty late, so... XD)

      Wait. I don't want school to end sooner.. Finals, math, eww- *explodes*.

    6. @Naffy Taffy
      No problem. You really are amazing. ^.^ And YOU ARE SO LUCKY!! :O :screams: I get out sometime in late June (the twenty sixth, I believe?).

      You are SO lucky! And sure!

      Oh cool, you're in 5th grade? And congrats on your upcoming graduation!

      Haha, same! :P Yeah, my school starts in early September and ends in later June. :screams with agony:

      Same here... finals... :explodes as well:

    7. Haha, same. About the school dates. XD

  4. Bye bye Pan Pan! Will you have your authors post, or is the whole blog on a break? And if it's hard to write segments, why do you do it? If it is hard, you can stop doing them, because your fans should fine it A-O-K. Like me. I understand Pandie Bear! I dooooo! -d66864 on AJ

    1. Bye, D66864! I'll miss you terribly on my break...

      Yes, I've requested that the authors post if they have free time, but of course, they don't have to if they don't want to. :)

      As I said in the post, I'm a bit of a high-standard-goal-setter. I try to overachieve and often get frustrated at myself when I don't. I'm taking this break for multiple reasons: maintaining the blog has become a lot of work and I have to focus on school, I run two other blogs that actually generate money and I would like to spend more time on those, blogging about the new items has lost it's glamor and running a blog and keeping your viewers happy is pretty challenging and demanding. >.< I'd just like to take a little break, that's all. And I'll still be on Animal Jam and try to respond to some of your comments (if I find the time).

      Thank you for ALL of your support, I really, really, really appreciate it!

      -Panda (LOVE your new nicknames for me! Especially Pandie Bear! XD)

    2. Haha, thanks. I'll try and make more! Oh you make me laugh. Cool blog to check on your break. Here da link
      One of the BEST plushie blogs. Plus if you have too many blogs, why don't you stop them and focus on the one you mostly want? It'll give you more time to do what you need, I think. Oh and nicknames, here ya go
      Panda, Pandie, Pandie Bear, Panny, Pan, Pan Pan, Awe Panda, Some Panda, and Panda868.
      LOL, just wrote random nicky names. See ya. -D6

    3. Haha! XD I'll be sure to check that blog out later! ^.^

      This is the only one out of the three blogs that I own that is not making money. Unfortunately, the other two sites are more of a top priority for me, now that I've begun to make a decent income. I promise to update occasionally and try to respond to all of your comments though!

      Oh my gosh, those nicknames are epic! :O


    4. How do you make money out of them? And I have one more: Dandy Pandy XD

    5. Haha good one! I made another but forgot it. Darn, what was it... -D6

    6. I have affiliate links and a store in one of them. ^.^

      Haha! I love Dandy Pandy. :P

  5. Yep, I completely understand. School right now is kinda like a living nightmare.. (Well, later in the month/June.) :(

    1. Yeah... school can be... *pauses and tries not to have a temper tantrum* annoying.

  6. So here's the thing...

    I don't want to sound demanding, but if you want, I'd be willing to continue this blog while you're gone. I have 2 weeks left of school, so I'll have plenty of time, and once again, not demanding, but you could make me an admin until you return so I can keep up the blog. Only if you want to. My own blog ... I've pretty much abandoned, and I'd be proud to lead this blog for a while. I'm completely willing to. This blog is amazing, and I really would hate to see it fall. But if the answer is no, then I guess this goodbye for now. You inspired me so much. I'll miss you!

    1. Oh no, you don't sound demanding at all! I really appreciate your support and wonderful altruistic actions in the past few months. You are truly amazing. ^.^

      I'll consider adding you as an admin. Not that I doubt your abilities, (I mean, who would?) it is just that I'd feel awful just dumping all of the work onto you... and even if you didn't mind, I'm not sure I could live with myself. >.<

      Thank you for all of your sweet comments! ^.^ There will never be words big enough to express my gratitude and thankfulness for you.

    2. Trust me, It'll be fine. I'm not doing anything over the summer until the last week of August when I go to summer camp for a week.

  7. Totally, Panda, good decision! When I started blogging I had to start over because of all the pressure I put on myself! That's why my blog is dedicated to weird and cool stuff in jamaa instead of news. It's really important to keep your grades up!
    See you later? On AJ , maybe?

    1. Yeah... thank you for all of your continuous support, Icey! ^.^

  8. I'll try to fill in for the authors, just let me know if you need me to.


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