Blogger Tricks Animal Jam Graphic Central!: Lilly of the Valley Plants + Ask Panda + Friday Fun!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Lilly of the Valley Plants + Ask Panda + Friday Fun!

Hi jammers! I have quite a bit to cover today: the new items, a new series (and a very IMPORTANT notice) and a free eBook for you guys!

The new items are the Lilly of the Valley and the Lilly of the Vally Bouquet in Treetop Gardens!

I love these flower collections -- they add such a beautiful, spring-like feel to dens! Not to mention, I just spotted a few bunches of these little beauties scattered around my garden earlier today. ^.^

So, I've noticed that most of the questions asked on the Ask AJGC page are about blogging. And to be quite honest, I created the page for general questions (favorite color, favorite food etc.) and the occasional graphic or blogging related question. Since I spend a lot of time answering tons of blogging-related questions via email and on that page, I'll be answering accepting blogging questions once a week on Saturdays and answering them all on Sunday. I'm sorry if this is inconvenient for you, but I actually have a life outside of Animal Jam and blogging (Gasp! Panda has a life?) and to be honest I don't want to spend it answering blogging questions. So in my spare time on Sundays, I'll answer all of the questions on the Ask Panda post I made on Sunday. If you need immediate help, you can open a ticket in the Help Center, but expect a delay in response. Also, if there are any questions about this new Ask Panda series, feel free to comment down below. I'll be posting a notice on the Ask AJGC page about this, though I will answer any blogging-related questions right after I finish this post -- but only those that are currently up on the page. The first Ask Panda will take place next Saturday (May 9th) so be sure to subscribe to the site so you can get any new updates!

Sorry if that part of the post was a bit of a downer... but I hope to cheer you up with a free eBook! I'm working on a larger eBook that I will potentially later sell on The Dancing Panda (my other site) but I modified that eBook (containing 50 tips to make your blog even more awesome) to just 3 tips for today's purpose. I just begun the book last night at 8:00 PM, so excuse any errors. XD Click the button below to download!

Have an amazing day, everyone! :D



  1. just wondering, do you like anime or no?

  2. Just wondering, what's your eBook about? Is it like a blogging guide or something? ^-^

    I do, random person (lol). <3 ^^

    1. Oh I looked at it. It's pretty nice so far! :)

    2. Yep, it's about blogging. ^.^ And thanks! XD


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