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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Darker Wood Elements!

Hey jammers! Panda here!

So when I logged onto AJ today, I noticed that many of the wooden elements of the game had been darkened.

Dark hardwood floors are a huge trend nowadays in interior design, and darker wood looks more nature-y, so I wonder if those might be a contributing factor concerning why AJHQ made this change. I personally like the change and think that it makes the wood elements more classy and realistic, but tell me your opinions in the comments below!

What's weird though is that the wood in the background of the den editing/furniture inventory is still the same lighter wood. :P

Haha, and yes, that is still my Christmas/Jamaalidays den in the background of all of those pictures. XD Some of us aren't willing to let the jolly season pass just yet... >.<


P.S. We're trying to reach 90,000 views by the end of February 2016! Can we make it?


  1. CosmicCheetah AJ/Cosmic_HeartJanuary 14, 2016 at 6:42 PM

    I can help you make it to 90,000 views! I can share almost every post with my G+ followers, and maybe on Instagram! Tell me if you want me to ^-~/

  2. Hey awesome why did you delete me as an author for the blog!? :(

    1. What? You're not an author anymore? I'll double-check, but I don't remember removing you... :(

    2. That's weird! Blogger must have gone wacko or something--several of my other authors were also missing.

      What's your email again? I'll try to add you! Sorry... :(


    3. Yeah weird btw I sent my email to you in Google Hangouts :)

  3. Uh... Panda. Its the 21st and you still haven't made a new post... please try to make one.

  4. Panda???? Where are you???? Its about to be February!!!! Idk whats up but I don't know if you can get 90,000 views by the end of February if you don't make a post... I understand if its a major problem but you should tell everyone to expect it.

  5. CosmicCheetah AJ / Cosmic_HeartJanuary 27, 2016 at 9:35 PM

    Panda -
    Could you take over for me on The Shine for a few Mondays and Thursdays? My dad is making me a computer and he is moving all my folders to a RAM or something.


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