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Monday, January 4, 2016

School Rant

Hey jammers... Panda here... ugh.

Today is officially the start of me going back to school after my luxurious 2+ week break. Ugh, ugh, ugh.

School is just so jammin' pointless sometimes--they make us sit in freezing classrooms (we should be standing or on exercise bikes or something so we're not just wasting hours and hours sitting down, which is extremely bad for you) staring at a SmartBoard, projected screen or some sort of board watching the teacher yammer on for hours. Yikes. Does that sound like fun? No, it doesn't.

Sure, school can be useful. We make friends, which is fun and improves our social skills. We learn to do math so we can calculate how much to tip waiters in a restaurant or how much money to spend on groceries, but most of the time, learning about the chemical properties of chlorine or learning how to classify polynomials, is pretty pointless.

In my opinion, the cons of school (like stress, homework overload, tests/quizzes, time consumption, possible bullying etc.) far outweigh the pros, and wish that educators, parents and just people in general started to make some changes to education. It's 2016 now--shouldn't we change ALL of our schools to include more tech like iPads and laptops in the day-to-day classroom activities instead of wasting tons and tons of paper? Shouldn't we incorporate standing/height-adjustable desks into our classrooms? Shouldn't we host more polls and ask the students' opinions on things and ask for their input? I just wish that school were just a bit more enjoyable and more fun to go back to, especially after such a long and lovely break. :)

Have a wonderful day, jammers! ^.^



  1. I totally agree! But I guess I'm going to have to start enjoying chemistry, because I want to become a pharmacist.

  2. I totally agree with the adjustable desks! I'm tall so in some of my class the desks are small and I can barely fit into them! You would think Jr High would have bigger desks cause the kids there are bigger then you are in elementary! There are also some classes where you may need the iPads or laptops. For instance Science when you need to look something up or work on a powerpoint. Panda I agree with you!


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