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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Updates, updates!

Hello jammers! I have a lot to get through in one post today! First of all, there are tons of beautiful graphics to be made in the Jamaa Journal! I will try to share them with you later in this post!
Lets begin with the newest edition of the Jamaa Journal!
Yay! Polar bears are officially here! I have 9 diamonds, and as soon as I get a 10th, I will show you what the polar bear's actions look like! All I know is that their dancing is a twirl and a bow! These adorable pobies can be seen walking around Jamaa Township doing their fancy new moves!
They build an cute snowman! I love the polar bear so much!
AJHQ released a cute little drawing of the polar bear that was posted on the Daily Explorer!

More updates coming your way!

There are some nifty gloves for sale in Jam Mart Clothing in colors that haven't been released before! They are for all jammers, so be sure to pick up yours soon!
In the Chamber of Knowledge and Conservation Museum, there are new mini-books and exhibits in honor of the polar bear's arrival! You can stop by and learn some interesting facts about the polar bears!
There will soon be a daily Jamaailday gift sent to all jammers beginning December 1st! They will be NEVER BEFORE SEEN and UNRELEASED gifts this year! So excited for the Jamaaildays!
If you redeem a retail gift card between now and the end of December, you will win a cute pet polar bear! These cards can be bought at your nearest Target, Walmart or GameStop!

There is also a new item in Jam Mart Furniture- the basket of fruit! The delicious and juicy fruit inside can be changed to bananas, grapes, pineapples, huge watermelons and more! Experiment with different combos!

Thanks to Rainbowcat1 for making me this awesome graphic of my otter!
I love it! Thanks again! ^.^

Guess what? Remember that funky "glitch" going on where the name tags of users were grey? Look at this notification AJHQ just sent out! It was intentional! How 'bout that?

Here are the graphics made from the cute images on the side in the Polar bear mini-book!
Transparent Arctic Fox Curled Up:
by awesomepanda868
Creamy White Background "Peeking" Seal:
by awesomepanda868

I have a little Thursday trivia for you guys!
What is the octopus alpha's name?
This answer can be found in one of the shops! Good luck! There may be a prize for whomever first guesses the answer correctly! ^.^

Thats all for now jammers, Jam on and Play Wild!

(I will be re-making the commissions/custom graphics page today, so you might see it missing for awhile)


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