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Monday, November 17, 2014

Salamander Wings & Random Graphics

Hiya jammers! Today's RIM is the salamander gills, for sale on the 2nd page of the Bahari Bargains shop underwater!
I like this item in general, I just wish it were non-member and no so expensive! >.<

I made this random transparent graphic of one of my favorite animals yesterday:

by awesomepanda868

:Sighs: I wish I had Photoshop to make making transparent graphics easier! The Mac program for Smart Alpha is NOT ideal... I still couldn't get that little bit of sky out of the graphic! XD
Remember to enter the contest! Prizes will be released when the contest is over!
Here is the info and questions again:
Fill in the blanks below about the statements about animals! Each one is a different animal fact! You can use the Internet or any other resources for only TWO QUESTIONS. Please don't cheat by copying other answers or using the Internet more than twice!
Good luck!
1. There are               species of birds of paradise.
2. A male cat is called a          .
3. There are two species of elephants: the                    elephant and the                 elephant.
4. Giraffes have                stomachs. (amount)
5. Around half of the living tigers are the species of               tiger.
6. There are                  species of squirrels across the planet!
You can enter by email or in a comment!

Happy jamming everyone, and play wild!


  1. Replies
    1. Yay! It works! Thanks so much numnum13!

    2. I love the icon :) Thanks so much! Mind if I keep you as an Admin in case I need you to make any other changes?

  2. Have you tried using the remove background tool in Powerpoint? It always works for me.

    1. Hmm, I haven't! I have a Mac computer though, so I don't have free access to Powerpoint, sadly...


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