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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Coat Hanger, Jammer Snaps, AJHQ's Graphics & *EXCLUSIVE* Giveaways Header

Hello jammers! Today's new item is the pawsome new wooden coat hanger for sale in Jam Mart Furniture! The color of the robe can be changed, or you can change the robe to butterfly wings of any color you want!
I like how this item is a nice contrast to all of the normal neon furniture in the hair salon!

Guess what jammers? Tavie (the dolphin alpha) has announced an epic diamond challenge! She will be awarding 5 jammers with a whopping 3 diamonds each! Holy moly! And all you have to do is follow the following instructions:

1.Put on your PILGRIM or TURKEY HAT or simply change your animal to a FALL COLOR.

2. Take a SNAP of 1 of the following hints/secrets:

-An animal that SLITHERS through the outback

- A FAMOUS PLACE where phantoms are sure to come while you’re taking a nap

-You may hear a RING in the BREEZE while you rest under the trees at this location

-You may catch a glimpse of EAGLES FLYING when you JUMP just right.

3. MENTION something that you love about FALL in your snap as well!

Best of luck, jammers! To submit your Jammer Snaps to AJHQ, check out their handy tutorial on How to Submit Artwork!
Are you excited about this Jammer Snaps? Where do you think each of the mysterious locations are? I think that the second one is the Lost Temple of Zios, specifically the shrine of Zios where when you sleep, phantoms come out! The last one is the bridge in Coral Canyons I believe! Do you know where the other ones are? Take a guess in the comments section!
AJHQ has a few graphics in their How to Submit Artwork! tutorial. They are transparent, and pretty neat! Here they are!

I especially like the Jammer Central board! Maybe it could be useful for the Jammer of the Month on your blog, or some featured artwork?
I love how AJHQ is beginning to take a bigger interest in graphics and posting on their blog! Have you noticed how they release more diamond challenges, more contests like Jammer Snaps and News Crew, and how they make tons of new emotes, art and graphics! Thanks AJHQ!
Oh- I almost forgot! I made this random giveaways header/thumbnail image for you guys- it is pretty bad though!
by awesomepanda868 and numnum13

I made the actual banner, and I created the fox hat, backpack, studded collar, elf tail, NM wood flooring, salon rug and NM den portal graphics, and numnum13 created the snow leopard phoenix armor graphic, the king's crown, the tiara and the dragon mask! 
Remember to enter in the contest! Here it is again!
Here is the information again:
Fill in the blanks below about the statements about animals! Each one is a different animal fact! You can use the Internet or any other resources for only TWO QUESTIONS. Please don't cheat by copying other answers or using the Internet more than twice!
Good luck!
1. There are               species of birds of paradise.
2. A male cat is called a          .
3. There are two species of elephants: the                    elephant and the                 elephant.
4. Giraffes have                stomachs. (amount)
5. Around half of the living tigers are the species of               tiger.
6. There are                  species of squirrels across the planet!
You can enter by email or in a comment!

That's all for now jammers!
Jam on!
- Signature courtesy of numnum13 - (We're happy to have you back on AJ again!)


  1. That giveaway banner is really good! Thanks so much for giving me credit, even though you didn't have to. :)


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