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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Umbrella Holders & Contests!

Whats up jammers? If you have not already noticed, Rainbowcat1 is now a Graphic-Artist and Designer! Let's hear it for Rainbowcat! ^.^ :claps:
Today's pawsome new item is the lovely new umbrella holder for sale on the first page of Jam Mart Furniture! The default wooden holder can be changed to a number of bold colors and patterns!
I like how this item is inexpensive and for non-members as well as members! Way to go AJHQ!

Is anyone else having the same problem as me? The avatar images for players have turned the same as the ones for no longer active jammers! Take a look!
And I know that my buddy Djpanda365 just checked her Animal Jam account yesterday for sure! Is this a glitch or is it just something wrong with my computer?
I know we already have the animal trivia contest, but I wanted to let you guys enter the contest I have on my main blog, because I thought you guys might like it! :)
Here is the animal facts trivia contest:
And here are the rules again:

Fill in the blanks below about the statements about animals! Each one is a different animal fact! You can use the Internet or any other resources for only TWO QUESTIONS. Please don't cheat by copying other answers or using the Internet more than twice!
Good luck!
1. There are               species of birds of paradise.
2. A male cat is called a          .
3. There are two species of elephants: the                    elephant and the                 elephant.
4. Giraffes have                stomachs. (amount)
5. Around half of the living tigers are the species of               tiger.
6. There are                  species of squirrels across the planet!
You can enter by email or in a comment!

And here is the colors contest I have on my main blog!
Here are rules and info again:

- You can enter through email or on this post's comments section.

- You can choose any color you want! You can also pick a variation of a color, like baby blue, light blue, powder blue, robin's egg blue, teal, royal blue, navy and dark blue are all colors based off of the main color, blue.

- Don't be afraid to brag about your traits! We all have strengths, and don't be afraid to share them!

I hope you guys can enter the contests soon! ^.^
Have a nice day jammers!
Jam on and play wild! :)

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