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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Pineapples + Nerdy Math Calculations + (Important) Business-y Stuff

Hey jammers!

I'm not posting the new item very often anymore because... yeah. Tons of other blogs do that. (More on all of this kind of "business-y stuff" later in the post.)

But I might post reeeeeally epic items. Like this pineapple hat. Pineapple hat = life.

Am I the only one who isn't a huge fan of the new cloud party? It doesn't seem as interesting or big as the other parties. Those rainbow clothes and furniture and awesome though. 

(Ugh, Blogger is making the images so blurry now! >:O I found out a way to make it super high resolution though: >>tutorial<<)

Now for the nerdy math calculations. Since I was really bored this morning, I calculated the unit price of a Summer Carnival ticket for each of the ticket packs.

500 gems for 1,000 tickets: .5 gems per ticket
1,000 gems for 2,000 tickets: .5 gems per ticket
2,500 gems for 5,000 tickets: .5 gems per ticket

What I wish AJ would do is make the larger pack (2,500 gems for 5,000 tickets) a better deal. For example: 2,000 gems for 5,000 tickets instead of 2,500 gems for 5,000 tickets. This way, kids can learn about unit rates and finding a good deal. Having each pack be the same value is sort of boring. :T Anyways... enough of my ranting...

Before we get onto the "business-y stuff," I'd like to thank you for all sticking with me and still viewing this blog after we've been gone for awhile. Love y'all. <3 p="">

So I'll be posting 1 to 4 times a week now, not every day. As you know, I relaunched The Dancing Panda, and it takes up most of my time now. After all, that site actually makes money, and (though I love blogging and don't care much about the money) this one doesn't. Also, I've begun to slowly lose interest in AJ, and it probably won't be long until the amount of time I spend of there dramatically decreases.I'm not sure what I'll do yet...

Got to go!


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