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Monday, June 1, 2015

Llamas and Hats

Hey jammers,

It's Suzi00, the unknown author who never posts! Since the other authors are busy, I've decided to poke out of my shell and actually post for once! Hooray!

Happy June 1std, y'all! It's the first day of my birthday month! June's monthly flower is Rose, and it's Birthstone is Pearl, both of which you should go check out (Epic Wonders and Treetop Gardens)! For some of you it might be the first or second day of Summer (for me it's my third). What are your plans for this summer? Go to the beach tons? Go camping? Go to that summer camp? Play Animal Jam all day, every day?

Does anyone know where I took this picture?

Now, today's rare item Monday is perfect for your summer adventures!

(picture credit Animal Jam Spirit, specifically BonsaiiSpirits, since I can't be on this early)

Am I the only one in Jamaa who loves this hat? It has a nice shade of green, a lovely purple butterfly... 

And then there is this:

Is this penguin not just the cutest? The purple, green and brown is nicely matched, and it's smile shows I'm not the only one in Jamaa who appreciates this hat. 

Now, some of you may be wondering what this next aninal is, or what the secret image is. First, you should at least try to find the secret image yourself (it's a cave painting like aninal on a rock wall).

Spoiler Alert!

(picture credit to the lovely Naffy Taffy of the Animal Jam Whip, because this post is being written on my iPad)

It's a Llama! Ohhhh, it's so exciting!

There is also a leaked picture of a jammer with a Llama! Spoiler Alert once more!

(Picture credit Meloetta385 of the Animal Jam Flash)

Fuzzy... Those ears... I'm in love...This better not be diamond shop...

Now, to finish things up, I present you Monday Animal Facts!

  • Llamas are close relatives to the camel, but without the hump.
  • Llamas come from South America
  • Llamas are used as pack animals
  • Llamas actually have wool 
  • Llamas are intelligent, but also stubborn. When a load on a Llama's back is too great, it'll refuse to move until the load is removed from it's back.
  • A lifespan of a Llama is between 20 and 30 years

That's all I have to share today! Keep jamming and stay positive! 

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Daily posts and llamas not included

(Oh, and if the authors here want me to continue doing daily posts, comment and let me know!)


  1. Replies
    1. Dunno, where have you been? I'm your self-appointed official back-up author, so when you need me to post just tell me so!

    2. Sorry for not being active guys... thank you for posting as much as you did! Love you amazing authors...

    I barely view this blog anymore :(


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