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Thursday, June 25, 2015

4th of July Giveaway + Party

Hi jammers! I'm here today with an awesome event to tell you about! Since I was gone for a long time, and since my school is over now, I have the time to put a bit more work into the blog. And to celebrate the 4th of July, I'll be hosting a giveaway and party in honor of this epic holiday and the blog reaching 25+ followers and 35,000+ views! Yay!!!!

The giveaway will be small, but it will be pretty easy to win. Simply comment which flooring in which den the following image depicts.

The winner will receive these:

I might also choose another person or two to win some items at the party as well... ;)

Speaking of the party... on Thursday, July 2nd at 3:00 PM AJGC time, a special 4th of July party will be held at my (awesomepanda868) den. I hope you can make it! We will have a ton of fun, play games and do whatever else you guys want to do. :P

Hope those will be fun for you guys. :) 



  1. It's the Grass Carpet in the Beach House Den :)

    Ps. My user's Lnfinityhorse btw if I win

    1. Also, do you know when the commissions will be back open?

    2. I'm not sure if the commissions will ever be back open... but they might come back temporarily sometime in the near future.

    3. Okay, I absolutely love your blog and I hope the commissions do not close forever...

    4. I'm guilty ... I've been running private commissions for Mesha for months now

    5. @Raverin
      Thank you... however, I doubt that the commissions will come back soon. They were just too much work for my part. However, I may be publishing design tutorials so that you can "DIY" your own graphics and images. ^.^

      It's okay! That actually gives me an idea for commissions... maybe I could open them again, but the graphic-artists could take care of most of them instead of me doing all/close to all of them. ^.^

  2. Grass Carpet, Beach house den. I know I'm late. But it's fun to try :) -D6

  3. Green Flower Carpet in the Beach House Den.
    - Sweetiepiethebear

  4. Green flower carpet at the beach house den? And btw nice blog! I just found it and I'm already learning so much! I never knew there was this much to Animal Jam! And I know I'm late but I wanted to say happy Fourth of July!

  5. And I think we have to put our usernames as well. Mine is; Jammer98475


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