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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Smarty Does Commisssions?! A little quiz!

Firstly, I want to thank everyone for an amazing welcome to the blog! I am so happy to join! :) 

Now, on to the main part of the post! As well as the amazing commissions that you can get on this blog, I also do more commissions which can be found on my channel! (SmartyPants AJ) I do every commission you can think of, and also some examples of my intros are on my channel! :D 

I also made a little quiz for you guys! Write in the comments how many you got! The answers are located at the end of the post! This quiz is designed so you guys get to know me a bit better!

A) What year did I join animal jam? 
                                  Was it 2013?
                                  Was it 2014?
                                  Was it 2015?

B) What is my favourite colour? 

C) Whats my favourite alpha?

ANSWERS!! (No peeking) 
A= 2014
B= Purple
C= Cosmo

Seeya In my next post! Bye!!


  1. Oh man, I guessed:
    2013, Purple, and Peck. XD At least I got the color right! *dances*

    Good to have you post again, Smarty!

    1. Oh, I'll say MY answers so you get to know me better. ;)
      Year I joined: 2015
      Favorite color: Uhhhh, pink or yellow. I love a lot of colors so rainbow too. :D
      Favorite alpha: Liza or Cosmo or or or Greely?! XD

  2. I accidentally peeked -- so I'll state my favorites, like my friend Lostfairy did above!

    I joined in summer of 2013, so a good 3 years.
    My favorite color? I have many, such as Cosmic Latte, mint green, aqua green, pastels...
    My favorite Alphas are Sir Gilbert and Peck.

  3. 2014, Purple, Liza


    Year I Joined: REALLY Late 2015
    Favorite Color: Orange :D
    Favorite Food: Sushi!!
    Favorite Alpha: Peck

  4. I guessed:
    A) 2014
    B) Purple
    C) Peck

    Well, almost! Here's me:
    A) 2015 (January to be exact)
    B) Bright purple with a hint of blue
    C) Tavie!

  5. A Cosmo lover! Finally! Everyone seems to hate him, but I think he's kind and helpful. :)

    This is mine!
    A) 2013
    B) Lavender Purple


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