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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Possible New Animals

Hey jammers! After 1 million years, I'm posting! This year is the busiest I've ever been in my entire sounds like an exaggeration but it's sadly true.

In a recent update, AJHQ announced there would soon be a new animal. They said it an option for naming your animals. The last name part usually has the animals. I looked through the list and here are the animals I saw (that aren't already animals you can play as):

-Fish (although there are animals you can play as that are fish)
-Leopard (even though there are snow leopards, so this is not likely to be the animal)
I was actually expecting 'ostrich' to be an option, due to the fact that that was an option on the most recent poll (falcon, which won, then sloths, which were probably 2nd, and ostriches). Then, as I was reading the Jamaa Journal over, I noticed it said this: "Maybe you can ask your buddy for HELP, because when it comes to searching through all those NAMES, two can do it better than one."

I'm probably overthinking this, but maybe it is hinting at a deeper meaning than just asking a friend for help. Maybe it means two animals are coming to Jamaa, or you have to put more than one name together to get the animal's name.

Let me know what  you think in the comments!

Edit: Aparri recently made a video about this topic. Take a closer look at the phrase 'two can do it better than one'. Doesn't 'two can' sound like toucan? Plus, toucan is one of the name options!


  1. I found some more animal options. Here's what I found:

    I'm seriously not sure they would make a dragon but still. XD

    1. I listed those except for dove and dragon. You must have better eyesight than me! I don't think bear would be one, because you can basically replicate any species of bear by changing the colors of a polar bear.

    2. Yeah, I know. I just wanted to say what I found. XD Yes, I was thinking that too. But.... Polar bears aren't my favorite animal and it'd be really cute to have a grizzly bear. XD


      You have no idea how freaky it'd be for me if they released a dove. XD

    4. That would be amazing! *imagines making an Ark masterpice and flying on it with a dove*


  2. I think it'll be a toucan (the second flying animal this year.. can't we have a new land, AJHQ?) because the Jamaa Journal says "... two can do it better than one."

    1. Yes. Naffy pointed that out to me. So I am convinced its a Toucan :) I hope its nm!

  3. I can't believe ostriches lost...
    I mean, COME ON!! THEY'RE OSTRICHES PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Plus, wasn't everyone disappointed in the sloths? Well, I wasn't: I try not to hate any of the animals, but I can't help myself with monkeys and octopus. Sorry! D:

    Ah, I feel your pain, Ineffable. This was a VERY busy week for me as well!!

  4. 1 million years? O: I think the world would have ended by then! maybe it's 1 million bug years? 1 million dog or cat years? I dunno.. CX
    Toucan. Its a toucan. Cuz at the end of it it says "Two can do it better then one:

  5. Hello? Awesomepanda? Ineffable? Anyone?! XD

    1. They gotta get an answering machine! ;)

    2. I agree. We've all been pretty busy... I might get a post in on Sunday! ;)


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