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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Studying, Organization & School Tips!

Hey jammers! Panda here! :)

So, I'm currently on February break (I feel like I need 1,000,000 confetti cannons going off right now...) but have three huge tests waiting for me when I get back to school. Seriously, why do teachers have to do this? Don't they understand that we actually have lives and don't want to be spending our February break studying the different isotopes of osmium or poring over practice probability questions?

Since I love writing study tips (I hate studying but enjoy writing posts on how to study well... strange) I thought that I'd compile a post with some of my favorite studying techniques since some of you might be in a similar situation!

1. Make your notes fun and organized.

Having interesting and fun notes can play a huge part in the effectiveness of your memorization of information. Breaking up your notes into sections, utilizing headings and different bullet point styles to emphasize bits of information, as well as inserting graphs, charts and timelines are all super easy and useful techniques. I also like to add in fun banners, use highlighters and different colored pens and make good use of Post-it's to add a more interesting edge to my notes as well.
If you find yourself lacking in inspiration to make pretty notes, check out and follow some epic studyblr blogs on Tumblr, or just type in "studyblr notes" into a Google Images search and BOOM! Instant inspiration! Just looking at these gorgeous photos of adorable notes just makes you want to desperately want to take notes--just you wait and see. ;)

2. Study/work in 20-30 minute blocks

Research shows that working or studying for long periods of time can be extremely inefficient and that stuffing tons of information into your brain all at once (cough, cough: cramming) doesn't work. However, studies also show that working in 20-30 minutes bursts with relaxation or other activities in between study sessions is very helpful.
Plus, this strategy will leave you feeling much less exhausted after each of your study sessions. Cramming or studying for more than half an hour at a time is draining and much less fun (not to say that studying for only 20-30 minutes is fun, but it's less bad :P).

3. Use fun school supplies that make studying and doing homework or taking notes more enjoyable.

If you're anything like me and looooove school supplies, then this tip is definitely for you! I find that the only thing that keeps me motivated for school is cute folders, binders and notebooks, as well as colorful pens and pencils. Plus, having a panda-shaped eraser doesn't hurt either.

So what did you think of the study tips? I have to go currently, so I have to cut this post short, but if you'd like to see more study tips in the future, make sure to let me know down in the comments below!

Also, we're only ~2,000 views away from 90,000 views! Wowza! Keep up the great work guys!! We have 26 days left to get 2,000 views--we can do that, right?

Have a lovely week everyone! 



  1. Hiya panda!!! Yes I would like you to make that post I was talking about earlier. I added a few things for you to say so can you read them please? Also please answer so I know you read this!

  2. CosmicCheetah AJ / Cosmic_HeartFebruary 14, 2016 at 9:52 AM

    I love using cool supplies! I have a big (fat) binder (that my friend also has), a highlighter, a thing where I can keep my pencils and lollipop eraser, I *USED* to have White-Out but my friend broke it -.-, and I have an organized backpack c:

    1. Also, I'm switching from "CosmicCheetah AJ / Cosmic_Heart" to "Cosmic".

    2. Yes, using cool supplies definitely makes the whole school experience much less awful! ^.^ I personally have to work on keeping an organized backpack--everything else in my life is organized, but my backpack is stuffed with candy wrappers... #confessions #sneakingcandy

    3. I feel ya. I cannot keep my backpack organized. I like never empty it.

  3. Ooh, nice post (like always XD), Panda! Ah, if I only had the opportunity to write neat, athesetic-looking notes.. I don't have the ability to do that without boring myself out pod my mind (plus my handwriting is a mess XD). But yeah, I enjoy looking at studyblrs to find out better studying techniques for me. ^-^'

    Ooh, you're close to 90,000 views too? I am too.. less than 500 to go for me. c:

    1. Same here... I always look on studyblr's and am like, "From now on, my notes are going to be GORGEOUS." And then I order new highlighters and pretty pens and I'm all prepared and then... the time to actually take notes comes and I just grab a random pen, scribble some bullets and call it a day.

      And yes, I'm about 1,000 away from 90,000... so exciting! And you're SUPER close! At the time that I'm writing this comment, you only need 400 to reach 90,000! Congrats on how far your blog has come! I love reading it! :D

    2. (Wow, my phone's autocorrect stinks.. pod xD?)
      Same, haha. Thanks! <3


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