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Friday, February 19, 2016

Opinion: Chatting in Jamaa! (Plus 2 Free-to-Use Graphics!)

Hey jammers! Panda here!

So, as I was browsing the Jamaa Journal (I didn't really examine it closely yesterday), I noticed that one of the pages talked about the new chat system in Jamaa. Or, not necessarily a new system, but AJHQ's sort of refined approach to Jamaa's chat system.

I'm really appreciative of AJHQ for doing this, especially since the existing chat feature is already pretty flexible.

I know that lots of jammers, especially jammers without free chat, often complain of the restrictive boundaries laid by the chat.

I personally never found the restrictive chat very annoying. Of course, I may be a little biased, since I was lucky enough to switch to free chat about 2 years ago and have since mostly forgotten what it was like to have restricted chat.

However, the chat in Animal Jam is actually very easy to use and enables you to say basically what you're trying to say. Even if you do have restricted chat and you're trying to tell a friend something but can't exactly say all of the words like you'd like to, you can still get your message across via other words that AJHQ allows.

Most other games have even more restricted chat features, and I find them very difficult to use. Animal Jam's chat is god-like compared to other games.

So when I saw that AJHQ was looking to expand the usability and helpfulness of their chat through jammer feedback, I was super excited and grateful.

Do I sympathize with jammers who are forced to use bubble chat or restricted chat every day? Yes, of course I do. But do I despise the restricted chat as much as some other people do? No, I don't, because I think that AJHQ works really hard to keep Jamaa a safe and fun place to be, and though these chat restrictions may be cumbersome for you nice people who would never use the Jamaa chat for bad purposes, there are some less good people out there who might curse or be inappropriate in Jamaa if it weren't for some of the restrictions AJHQ puts in place.

My point? If these restrictions bother you, just keep in mind that they are there to keep other mean jammers from taking advantage of you and other jammers. It's all for your own safety and enjoyment. :)

But enough of my ranting! Here are 2 graphics of some lovely jammers I met in Jamaa. Unfortunately, I made these several days ago and forget what their usernames are (I believe that one of them had to do with a flower, and the other with grapes, but I'm not sure XD).

Enjoy! You can use both of them without credit. ^.^


Also, we're 100 views away from 90,000!!!!!! Keep up the EPIC work, you guys! 


  1. I think this video has graphics without permission from this site~

    1. I actually think that they may have used mostly no credit required graphics, but I'll have to look more closely at it later.

    2. Ok panda, it just concerned me a bit

    3. Thanks for letting me know, though! :D I really appreciate it, especially since so many people have begun to use my graphics without credit recently. :(

  2. Can you make a graphic of my animal?

    1. Sure! Which animal? (Also, can you send me a screenshot of that animal?)

      Plus, there is a new commission request for a header on the Commissions page--would you like to take that job on, if you're not too busy currently?

    2. Never mind about the commission actually, I'm on it.

      Also, could you send me a screenshot of your animal for the graphic? Thanks! :D


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