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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Happy Movement : Segment #13!

Hey jammers! Wow, it's been a long time since I last did one of these, eh? ^.^

Today we will be discussing some nice little things to do around Jamaa. If you are ever bored on Animal Jam (or just want to do something kind!) you can do one of the following tasks and (maybe, just maybe) make a difference. Because... it's the little things that make a difference, and making a difference is not a little thing.
  • Start a campaign. This is something that is always fun to do whenever you're in Jamaa Township. You can begin a "campaign" or short "movement" for a special cause. When planning your campaign, decide if you want it to be short term campaign (one that you only use once) or a long term campaign (one that you will continue to use for a long time). If you are creating a long-term campaign, you may want to consider creating a mini-blog especially for your movement or creating some banners that people can use to share about your campaign on their own blogs. Here are some campaign ideas: 

  • Send random kind messages to people via Jam-a-Gram. (Bonus: Add a sweet little gift as well!) Everyone likes to get a little kind note -- so put your spare time to good use and make a few other jammers' days a little brighter. ^.^ Bonus points for adding a small gift onto the Jam-a-Gram! 

(graphic by awesomepanda868 & credit required)
  • Design a new den for a party or other occasion and host a celebration for no reason! Everyone loves a good party! Whip your den into shape with some fancy new decor from Jam Mart Furniture (or even Epic Wonders or another shop!) and host a party where everyone is welcome! ^.^
  • Help a new jammer! At some point or another, we were all clueless, confused new jammers, helplessly wandering the streets of Jamaa Township, wondering what to do. Ease the confusion of someone entering the mystical world of Jamaa by telling them some important information about this land: where the best shops are, where they can go on adventures, how to earn gems, how to access the party menu... whatever their questions might be, answer as many as you can!
  • Donate gems to the Conservation Museum! By donating some spare gems to the Conservation Museum, you can help make a little difference in the world of endangered animals! :)
  • Share some recycling/eco-friendly tips with everyone in Jamaa Township! Tell the folks in Jamaa Township how they can help the environment! You can pick up some nifty environmentally friendly tips around the Internet! ^.^
I hope that you guys found that helpful! ^.^



  1. :D

    Except nonmembers can't send gifts. :(


    1. Oh right... I forgot about that! :(

      A silly privilege that they took away. Why? I have no idea. :P Do they think that non-members are more likely to get scammed or something...?

    2. ..Or to give more useless reasons to get a membership >.<

    3. Or because of Fman122... GULP -D6

  2. I've done this before a lot of times. I remember helping new jammers and getting nonmembers colored items and such. SO FUN! -D6

    1. That is awesome! Doing things like these really can make a difference in someone's day. ^.^

    2. Yeparoo Dandy Pandie. Correct as the usual always. -D6


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