Blogger Tricks Animal Jam Graphic Central!: Complete Redesign? + Courses & Consulting Coming Soon?

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Complete Redesign? + Courses & Consulting Coming Soon?

Okay. This post is going to settle the whole posting/commission issue.

First of all, I'm thinking of redesigning Animal Jam Graphic Central... it would be long overdue. But I'm not sure what colors... gold? Green again? Silver? Rainbow? I'm leaning towards gold. ^.^

Also, I have decided that I will resume commissions, but I will not complete them as quickly as I used to. It would be great if the graphic-artists would take up as many commissions as they could so that everything could move smoother. ^.^ Also, I will be opening up courses and private consulting sessions soon. Within the courses, I will be teaching various skills; how to make amazing graphics, how to use PicMonkey/Pixlr/Photoshop to make signatures, how to make a "Grab My Button" etc. These classes will be available for a small price, probably a very small rare or something. Within private consulting sessions, you and I will discuss various improvements you could make to your brand in order to: get more traffic, get people to share your site, create a better design etc. These consulting sessions will be conducted on Google Hangouts (the chat version). During these sessions, you can ask me anything and everything about your blog and how to improve it. I will be adding these to the commissions page, and will also be updating the commissions page with some new items.

This blog will be made into more of a blogging and graphics blog than it was before, but I will still keep and regularly update all of the Animal Jam informational pages. (It's weird how I began this blog mainly as a graphics blog and now the blog name is hardly fitting. :P)

I hope this sounds exciting to you! ^.^

P.S. Also, when I was creating new polls, I saw that on the "How Did You Find This Blog?" poll, 105 people had voted. Wow... this blog has had at least 105 different people visit it


  1. ooo I'm liking the new design awesomepanda!

    1. Thank you so much! ^.^ I love your new blog design as well!

  2. The design... Oh my Zios! :O It's so amazing! It is perfect! Please leave it like this (or maybe you have a better one :P)

    Also, I could take the commissions for AJGC too! I understand how hard it is for you to take 100000 commissions :(

    And, I could make "Grab My Button" for someone too if requested! I hope this will help ^.^


    1. Haha, I tried 10 different ones and this was looked the best (at least in my opinion) and it was the easiest. :P

      That would be AMAZING! :D

  3. Eh, I like the old one better. You know, the one with the picture of a jungle and a flamingo on it and whatnot? But this is okay. -D6


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