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Monday, October 19, 2015

Stuff + New Graphics!

Hola! Sorry I haven't posted recently! I was in the city all weekend for my birthday (which was on Sunday) and didn't have a chance to post.

So... I have some new graphics for you! Since most of the graphics requests have been for icons and clothing items, I made several of those for you:

Tada! I'm too lazy to put the attribution with the whole 'by aweomepanda868' thingy underneath each one, but just know that you can use these without credit. :P

By the way, that last pink graphic is of the Spiked Hair item, not pink barf.

Ciao! (Wow, I said 'hello' earlier in this post in Spanish and 'good-bye' in Italian.)



  1. Sometimes the authors on the AJS (Animal Jam Spirit) will use the word "ciao" at the beginnings of their posts. Technically, they're saying, "Good-bye, Jammers! How has your day been so far?" :P

    1. Also, happy birthday! You're 12, now, right? No, 13? I can't remember. X3

    2. Haha! And thanks so much! I'm 12 now, yup. XD

  2. Happy Birthday (which I had no idea about)!

    Jammers, PANDA IS WRONG. The last picture is pink barf from a unicorn! (JK)

    I like to use Kudos as a hello and Ciao as a goodbye. How do you pronounce "ciao" anyway? -D6

    1. Thanks so much! :DDD

      Haha! I only realized after I made the graphic how pink-barf-like it looked. :P

      I believe "ciao" is pronounced like this: "chow." But you might want to ask someone who's actually Italian. XD


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